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Calories in Water

A simple trick that dieters and those who are trying to lose weight can follow is to drink plenty of water, particularly before meals. Drinking water is also recommended before, during and after a session at the gym or any exercise routine. Dieters do not have to wonder how many calories are in the water that they consume because there are no calories in water. In fact, drinking ice cold water can actually make your body burn up more calories, since the body needs to warm the water up to bring it to normal body temperature. Instead of asking “how many calories does water have,” you can count how many calories in water assimilation have been used up.

For those who follow nutritionists’ recommendation and drink eight ounces of water eight times a day, substituting ice cold water for tap water could lead to burning up of about 70 calories a day.

How Many Calories in Water

While it is not about how many calories in water, the fact that drinking water could make the body lose weight is interesting to many people who wish to shed unwanted pounds. Many health aficionados find that they are unable to lose much weight despite regular exercise. This may be because they do not drink enough water. The body craves fluid after exercise and water satiates this thirst. Many people confuse hunger and thirst and tend to eat more food instead of drinking water, thus increasing their calorie intake. Perspiration during physical exertion can dehydrate the body and make one feel weak. Drinking water can replace lost fluids and restore vitality to the body and one does not have to worry about water calories. Drinking water before meals is known to reduce the amount of food consumed, thereby helping dieters stay within their calorie limits. It helps to substitute water for calorie-laden wine or juices at lunch or dinner time as dieters do not have to count how many calories are in water. For those who like their gin and tonic, it must be remembered that tonic water is sweetened, and they should know how many calories are there in the tonic water they consume with their drink. Though there are more calories in coconut water, it is a healthy refreshing natural beverage that contains essential vitamins and minerals apart from a little fat, protein and carbohydrates. Calories in water chestnuts, a crunchy vegetable rich in flavor, fiber and minerals come mostly from carbohydrates as it has no fats. 


Submitted on January 16, 2014