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Calories in Raisins

Grapes when allowed to dry become raisins. The seedless variety of raisins is derived from seedless grapes, and the rare seeded ones from grapes that have been deseeded. Raisins come in natural dark, artificially-dried, white or sun dried golden categories. Sultanas are common in Europe, and the aromatic currants are sweeter and softer. The calories in raisins differ according to the various types of raisins.

How Many Calories in Raisins

For a healthy diet, one needs to follow a nutritious diet with the required ingredients, minerals and vitamins. A calorie counter for raisins is used to determine the number of calories and other nutrients in them. High sugar or fructose content of 67% to 72% gives the sweetness to raisins. They fight oral bacteria, prevent gum decay, and tooth cavities, and provide antioxidants. How many calories in raisins? Calories in raisins range between 299 to 250 calories per 100 grams. A cup of raisins or 150 grams contains about 434 (when tightly packed) to 493 calories (when packed loosely). It is high in sugar with an average of 150 grams of carbohydrate and 6 grams of fiber; it is also rich in minerals, vitamin C, iron, and is cholesterol-free. The calories in raisins ¼ cup are 130. Weighing about nine grams, calories in a raisins tablespoon are about 30. Raisins can be eaten straight from the box or used in desserts, fruit salads or in baking breads and cakes. As a result of the fiber and calories in raisins, when taken with wheat bran products or cornflakes, they provide a nutritious meal not only for children but also for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. Raisins are also used for brewing vinegar and wine. Raisins are also added to pie fillings and are liked by most persons. In such pies, spices also help add to the flavor.  

The 435 calories in a cup of raisins is more nutritious as compared to a cup of grapes containing 104 calories. Since raisins are high in sugar but low in fat, a moderate amount can be taken as a snack. Raisins also provide fiber for roughage. The iron content cures anaemia. The fruit also alleviates acidity and fever. Rich in vitamins and minerals like potassium, calcium, and magnesium raisins are responsible for healthy bones and teeth. They are a rich source of folate, which is essential for pregnant women.  Another nutrition fact about raisins is they act as an antioxidant, thereby purifying the blood, besides preventing coronary diseases and cancer of the colon.

Submitted on January 16, 2014