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Calories in Honey

The amount of calories in honey is relatively high. A single ounce of honey contains as many as 130 calories. Honey is therefore high on the list of calorie sources. However, the high amount of calories in honey is to be properly understood. Honey is usually consumed as single tablespoons or, sometimes even less.

Therefore, even though the value of calories in honey is relatively high, it may not provide the individual with too many calories, simply because the quantity of honey consumption is less. It is only when extravagant quantities of honey are consumed that the calories in honey come into the picture. Honey is most beneficial in its raw form. Raw honey is that type of honey which has not been clarified or processed. This honey retains all its nutrients. However, raw honey does not last as long as processed honey and needs to be consumed quickly. In fact, raw honey should only be consumed if it is produced locally. This will ensure that the gap between production and consumption is limited to days rather than weeks or months.

In ancient times, honey has been used for its medicinal properties. Honey is a proven antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic substance. Honey was used in the treatment of wounds and several medical conditions for centuries. It is for this reason that many people recommend the consumption of honey and hot water in the mornings. A single spoon of honey can be mixed with a glass of warm or hot water. This can be consumed once it is properly stirred. Honey and hot water as a combination will help to provide the individual with relief from a variety of medical conditions. Honey and hot water is also very easily digested. This provides the body with a boost of energy. Honey also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Although these substances are low in comparison to other components of honey, they are still present in significant quantities to make honey nutritionally beneficial. The calories of other food items that are mixed with honey need to be examined separately. The calories in honey have little bearing on the calories of these foods. This is because the quantity of honey used to add flavor is minimal. The quantity is so minimal that it may register less than even 100 calories worth of honey. However, it is the calorie value of the other foods that may affect this balance. The calories in honey baked ham, for example would be about 150 for a serving of 100 grams of honey baked ham. The calories in honey baked ham score lower than the calories in honey when served plain. The calories in honey in a single spoon may be as much as this 100 gram serving of honey baked ham.

How Many Calories in Honey Mustard Dressing

The number of calories in honey mustard dressing depends entirely on the dressing in question. It is safe to say that the calories in honey mustard dressing will be relatively high when one considers it against the calories in honey. The calories in honey mustard dressing will depend on other ingredients that are added to the mix of honey and mustard. The above information should make it clear that honey is a healthy and useful food item that must be consumed in small quantities. Like all food items, the quantity of consumption is very important. For a healthy lifestyle, one needs to follow a diet of moderation at all times. This type of diet will be able to provide the individual with plenty of nutrition while avoiding harmful extras. Honey can be used as a dressing or as a sweetener so that it is consumed in small quantities. It is not advisable to indulge in consuming plain honey too often.

When considering one’s calorie intake, one should worry about the calorie count at the end of the day. It may not be such a bad thing to consume some food that one craves if one offsets this with another meal that is high in nutrition and low in calories. This type of balancing works well at the end of the day as one will find that the calorie intake is properly balanced. Honey is a thick golden colored liquid that is extracted from beehives. Commercially produced honey is now available across the globe. This type of honey production takes place using a swarm of bees. The hives used for the process may be artificial. Bees collect honey from the flowers of plants that grow in the wild. The process of honey collection by bees is one of the most stunning acts of nature. The complete combination of the bees, the flowers and environmental conditions lead to the production of the perfect honey. Honey production is now commercially exploited and is used all over the world. However, this process continues to rely on bees and cannot be performed artificially. The collection of honey from these hives is the first step of the production method when preparing honey for human consumption. After this, honey may be clarified or cleaned. Depending on the scale of production, the honey may even be pasteurized for storage purposes. Unprocessed honey tends to be thick whereas processed honey will be a clear golden colored liquid.

Honey is an extremely useful food item that has many medicinal and culinary applications. Honey is one of the healthiest sweeteners that an individual can possibly use. Honey, when substituted for sugar or other sweeteners provides the individual with a lovely sweet taste while also providing some important vitamins and minerals. Honey is actually a stronger sweetener than table sugar because it contains more fructose than table sugar. Because it provides various vitamins and minerals, it is considered to be a healthy option for individuals who wish to switch away from regular table sugar. However, it cannot be used as a sweetener for diabetics. The same rules that apply to table sugar apply to diabetics. Those who can consume small quantities of table sugar may be allowed to consume smaller quantities of honey as well depending on the situation. 

Submitted on January 16, 2014