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Slim Fast Diet Plan And Fruit Diet For Weight Reduction

Slim-fast Diet Plan: While several people associate it with diet shakes, Slim-Fast has come up with snacks, soups, pasta, and meal-in-one bars that can be eaten to lose weight. The main focus of this diet plan is to control your portions, eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and garner support from family and friends.

According to the Slim-Fast diet plan, a person must eat six small meals or snacks daily, and replace two regular meals and a snack with Slim-Fast products. You are also advised to choose healthy meal options while cooking at home and eating out. The best part about this diet is that you can still eat your favorite foods as long as you eat them in moderate quantities. Also, try to include vegetables, fruits, and lean protein in your meals as these are tasty and nutritious.

Nutrition Diet And Diet For Weight Loss

According to the Slim-Fast Diet, if you control your portions and servings, you can learn how to control calories.

You are also advised to burn more calories than you eat as this is the best way to lose weight. The meal plans in Slim-Fast can make the entire process of eating sensibly and losing weight more feasible. There’s also enough flexibility in this diet.

Fruit Diet: Several people who often turn to a complete fruit diet are known as frutarians. They are a sub-group of vegetarians. Most people turn to a vegan or a frutarian diet for health reasons and also to lose weight. As fruits has low calorific value, high fiber and high water content that helps to keep you satiated for prolonged periods. One of the best fruits for weight loss is the apple. Apples should be consumed with their skin intact.

A vegetarian diet does not include fish and meat, while a vegan diet excludes eggs and dairy products as well as meat and fish. Vegans eat only vegetables and fruits. A frutarian is someone, who excludes vegetables and eats only fruits.

A frutarian diet consists of seeds, nuts, fruits, and other plant matter that are generally gathered without causing any damage to the plants. Nuts are recommended for the protein that they can provide, and the diet can be supplemented by pasta and grains. Some also believe that eggs from organically grown chickens can be eaten.

However, according to health experts, a fruit diet can be difficult to follow, and it may not be a well-balanced diet. People who go on a fruit diet may get vitamin B12 deficiency as B12 needs to bind to a protein in order to be absorbed by the body. Also, this vitamin is produced by bacteria. And vitamin B12 is found in dairy products, eggs, and meat – food products that are absent in a fruit diet.

If you are planning to go on a fruit diet, then make sure that you are getting all your required nutrients. Some of the nutrients that you need for your health are calcium, iron, riboflavin, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.

Submitted on January 16, 2014