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By | June 25, 2010

Home Remedies for Ringworm

Although the condition derived its name from the belief that it was primarily caused by a worm, more recent studies on the condition found that ringworm was in fact a skin condition that was caused by a fungal infection. Ringworm is considered to be a contagious condition as it can easily spread form one individual to another simply by touching or scratching the rashes. The fungus causing the condition is known to live on keratin, which is a protein that covers the upper layer of the nails, skin and hair. The fungus is also known to thrive on dark and moist areas of the skin. Some of the early symptoms that the condition shows up with include red, scaly patches that form in rings on the upper most layer of the skin. With the increasing development of the condition, the ring will usually become slightly raised. The development of ringworm on the scalp will also influence the strength and texture of the hair while the areas of inflammation will also be significantly painful. Some of the more common causes of ringworm include swimming in a pool containing contaminated water, infection from pets, a lack of personal hygiene such as wearing unwashed clothes as well as a lack of protective fatty acids present on the scalp.

Natural Treatment and Cures For Ringworm

There are a number of home remedies for ringworm. For example, papaya is considered to be extremely beneficial and rubbing a slice of papaya on the affected region will see the ringworm patch reduce in prominence and eventually fade away. You could also try making a paste out of the powder of crushed dry papaya seeds and water and apply the paste over the ringworm patches before letting it dry and washing it off. Another natural treatment option is to extract the juice of the leaves from a cassia tree and apply it over the affected area. This will see a considerable reduction in any irritation, itching, inflammation and pain over the ringworm patch. When dealing with ringworm, it is especially important to pay close attention to your overall diet as well. Moreover, there is also a specific ringworm diet plan that you should try for fast and effective recovery from the condition. All you need to do is start out with an all fruit diet for a period of five days with a high intake of fruits such as pineapples, papayas, apples and oranges. These five days should be followed by a couple of days of salt-free, raw vegetables making up the majority of your consumption after which some amount of curd and milk may also be added to the diet.