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By | July 20, 2010

Your baby’s skin needs extra care on account of its sensitive and fragile nature. Your infant’s skin loses and absorbs moisture at a very fast rate and it is thus important to keep it well hydrated. Moreover, baby skin is prone to infection on account of the spit-up milk, stool and urine that your baby is frequently exposed to. Dehydrated skin and improper care lead to several skin problems that infants face, like cradle cap, diaper rash and other skin allergies. Moisturize your baby’s skin well to ensure that it is well hydrated. Your infant’s skin may be very dry after a bath or a diaper change. In either of these instances, you can help curb dryness of the skin by applying baby moisturizer. Baby moisturizer containing olive leaf extract and vitamin E is ideal for your baby’s skin. Massaging oils and lotions may also be effective in treating dry and itchy baby skin. Ensure that your baby’s moisturizer does not contain any petrochemicals as these may lead to skin irritation. Before purchasing any baby skin care products therefore, it is necessary to exercise caution regarding their ingredients. Your baby’s skin may be allergic to these products and you must be keenly observant about the effects of these products on your baby’s skin. Avoid cleansers and shampoos that have a very strong fragrance as this may irritate the baby’s skin. Always use mild soaps to cleanse your baby’s skin to ensure that it does not lose any essential moisture. A mild soap that contains palm oil or coconut oil, olive and calendula is ideal for your baby. Alternatively, any mild antibacterial soap will help cleanse and protect your baby’s skin effectively. In addition, baby powders help treat various kinds of rash and allergy. While choosing baby powder, ensure that it does not have a very strong fragrance as this could lead to skin irritation. Apply baby powder on the skin of the neck, underarms and genital area to help keep your baby’s skin free from rash and irritation.

It is also essential to take certain other precautions while caring for your baby’s skin to help protect it against damage. Avoid giving him/her a bubble bath as they are proven to contain harsh detergents that destroy your child’s acid mantle and kill beneficial bacteria on the skin. In addition, bubble baths have been known to cause urinary tract infections and vaginitis in infants.