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Lavender is one of the most famous flowers known to us. We have accepted everything related to this flower. The color, the perfumed smell, which is regularly used in bath soaps, body oils used for massaging our bodies to give relaxation of muscles and also for lavender aromatherapy.

Lavender is one of the most important flowers of Bach flower therapy.  Lavender has helped many people with its aroma and its oils. Lavender apart from its beauty therapy is also a good medicine for alopecia treatment; alopecia is a tendency where there is a loss of hair because of the skin malfunction. Lavender helps restore hair to affected areas after treating it with lavender oils.

Lavender oil is often considered hypnotic. Lavender oils help in breast development, though there have not been enough studies on this issue, it is said that Lavender oil is treated by body as estrogen, therefore women wishing to look more feminine might use lavender oil for a body massage or hair massage.

Lavender aromatherapy is another famous by product of lavender flowers. This aromatherapy includes lighting candles which contain lavender aroma, and/ or using lavender oils for massage. The perfume of lavender oil helps soothes senses and provides relaxation to mind as well as body.

Lavender is interpreted by each generation in their own way. Some of homosexuals use lavender as a color to signify themselves. It was also a favorite color of the lifestyle of decadence, i.e. lifestyle where drugs, sex and music rule more than anything else.

Lavender is also known to have medicinal qualities. IT can help treating burns, scratches and other minor skin ailments. It is known that when Bach of the Bach flower therapies first found out the healing powers of flowers, it was with lavender oil.

There are several different color shades found in lavender flower, however, most famous is the lavender magenta color, which stands somewhere between violet and pink. This is a highly attractive color and therefore has been accepted by many groups worldwide as their official color.

Lavender is an alternative therapy herb you can use to relax your body mind or use for its effective curing powers for skin ailments. This herbal treatment will surely help sort out common problems and ailments without irritation and leaving no skin blemishes or scars.
Lavender can be used as lavender oil or as creams and soaps, which have the aroma and healing powers of this unique floral herb.

Submitted on January 16, 2014