Yogurt Nutrition And Cooking With Yogurt

By | May 29, 2009

How To Make Yogurt And Health Benefits Of Yogurt

What is yogurt? What are the health benefits of yogurt. How can it be consumed as a part of daily diet?

Yogurt is an important milk product which is rich in calcium, protein, riboflavin and Vitamin B12. It also contains live cultures of good bacteria which are important for the digestion process and also help in preventing and treating various bacterial infections, including vaginal infections and yeast infections. It is also important for treating various skin disorders and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It is also high in water content and has a high level of phosphorus, thus making it perfect for diets aiming at weight loss and boosting the immune system at the same time.

Yogurt Benefits And Advantages Of Yogurt

The high levels of calcium in yogurt make it ideal for people suffering from osteoporosis and they should include a serving of yogurt in every meal. People who have lactose intolerance usually can not consume dairy products, but yogurt is also known to improve lactose and gluten intolerance. The live cultures in yogurt produce lactase which is used to break down lactose and thus it is an excellent source of calcium, ideal for people with lactose intolerance.

A yogurt diet is credited with increasing the longevity of life, by countering the various problems, such as porous bones, and digestion problems associated with advancing age. It also helps the body to deal better with the strong medications being consumed at that age. However yogurt does not simply have benefits for old people. Consumption of yogurt is also beneficial for keeping the skin soft, naturally moisturized and glowing with inner health and it helps to prevent various skin problems. It is also important for keeping the system clean, free of toxics and increases the immunity of the body.

The yogurt diet does not imply that you consume only yogurt, but that you consume three servings of yogurt every day with your meals. You can consume a bowl of yogurt with your meals or use it in your various food preparations. A good way to increase your consumption of yogurt is by replacing salad dressings and mayonnaise with yogurt. This also helps to cut down the salt and fat content of the salad, making it healthier and better for weight loss programs.

Instead of desserts such as ice creams and smoothies, you should opt for sweetened yogurt or yogurt with fruit flavors. You can also use yogurt to make dips, instead of sour cream, and look for yogurt cheese for your sandwiches instead of cream cheese. Another efficient way of increasing yogurt consumption is by marinating the meat and poultry in yogurt but remember that yogurt can not be cooked since it curdles in heat.