Physical Effects Of Diet And Psychological Mental Health

By | December 8, 2008

Healthy Diet And Physical Effects of Fasting on Health

What are the effects of diet physically and psychologically?

It is unclear what you mean exactly when you ask about the effects of diet. If you mean to ask whether you are dieting in terms of eating less in an attempt to lose weight, then the physiological and psychological effects of this can be explained. However, if you mean to ask about the effects of simply consuming food, as in a regular diet, this would really have no impact on anything at all! So we will take the first explanation to be your meaning and explain things accordingly. If you are on a diet in an attempt to lose some weight and are in the process of consuming less food than your usual quota and quantity, then there are various impacts of the same. The most obvious impact of eating less in order to lose weight would be the physical impact. You would begin to lose weight. However, this is not quite as simple as it sounds. In the beginning, you will find that you feel hungry all the time. Some people, when they diet rather drastically, will also get feelings of weakness. But keep in mind that if you are following a well balanced diet from which you have cut out excess calories and fats, then this feeling is not only natural, it will also pass. The most important thing is that you remember your basic amount of calories and eat them. This will take care of feelings of weakness over a period of time quite effectively and well.

Physical Health And Diet And Anxiety

The psychological impact of dieting in this fashion can also be quite big. This is because you may not be used to dieting, or making do with less food than you are used to. This may actually feelings of deprivation. You may end up feeling deprived of food in the beginning. It is also natural for people who are on strict diets to sometimes feel unreasonably angry in the beginning. Some amount of irritation and anger is completely normal in the process of trying to lose weight. It will happen because you are eating less than you are used to, and are not getting to see any positive results at the same time. Dieting seldom shows instant results, taking a while to manifest visibly. This can make a person feel frustrated with their own efforts as well. The secret to successful dieting is not only to wait these negative feelings out, but to also accompany the process with appropriate exercise and rest.