Psoriasis Treatment And Diet For Psoriasis

By | December 15, 2008

Remedies For Psoriasis And Natural Cure For Psoriasis

I have psoriasis problem, I need any natural diet for curing psoriasis. Are Neem plant products useful for this?

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease, which is a result of stress, genes and triggers such as food and environment. Swelling, redness, flakes and dryness of the skin are the common symptoms of psoriasis. The sores are tender, itchy and red. It is seen to affect the feet, scalp, elbows, knees, hands and stomach. Dandruff is yet another causative factor for psoriasis. In some individuals, the symptoms are debilitating and disabling. It has a physical and psychological impact on the individual.

Adequate amount of water, about two liters per day is helpful. A balanced diet, rich in green leaves and vegetables, prove beneficial in the reduction of the symptoms. Certain triggers in foods that are considered to worsen the condition are red meat, oily foods, carbonated beverages, strawberries, acidic foods, tomato, red wine, junk foods, mono sodium glutamate, chilli and junk foods. Improper diet increases the risk of psoriasis. Elimination of acidic foods has shown to improve the condition of psoriasis. Avoid the use of moisturizers and oils that are old or expired. Fruit based diets are helpful.

Psoriasis Cures And Treatments For Psoriasis

Follow it up with a healthy diet comprising of grains, legumes, fruits and veggies. Grapes, cucumber, carrots and beets are useful. Avoid the intake of milk products, chocolates, caffeine, sugar and eggs. A gluten free diet helps in a few individuals with celiac disease. Abstinence form rye, barley, bread, pasta and wheat helps. Eliminate smoking and alcoholic beverages.

Neem products are useful against skin diseases, as it possesses anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. A gentle massage with cashew nut or avocado oil, on the affected area proves effective. Abstinence from soap, comprising of harsh chemicals, helps. Use a soft and clean towel to pat dry, after a bath. Epsom salts and oatmeal in the bathing water is of great help.

Certain guidelines that might prove helpful are as follows:

  • Avoid all triggers of psoriasis.
  • Do not scratch or prick the affected area.
  • Cotton clothes are a good substitute for the synthetic ones, as the latter might worsen the condition.
  • Decrease the exposure of injured skin to water, for a long time.
  • Alternative therapies, such as meditation and yoga help to reduce stress.
  • Moisturizing creams help to keep the skin moist, and thus decreases the risk of psoriasis.
  • Gram flour is a good substitute for the regular soap.
  • Avoid rubbing the towel on the affected area.