Causes of Laziness and Treatment of Diabetes

By | November 24, 2008

Symptoms of Diabetes and Treatment of Diabetes

Tiredness or fatigue is a common symptom, of excessive work, stress, medication and pregnancy. Fatigue is also seen associated with diabetes mellitus. Imbalance in the blood glucose levels result in fatigue. Other common symptoms that accompany diabetes mellitus are unexplained weight loss, increase in feeling of thirst, irritability, blurred vision, skin problems, frequent urination and increase in appetite.

The cells use glucose for energy. Insulin is the hormone, which helps in the control of blood glucose. Improper or inadequate production of insulin, results in inappropriate absorption and utilization of glucose. Healthy blood glucose levels helps to eliminate fatigue. When the system is hungry; it brings down the glucose levels, which results in tiredness. Immediate attention is required, as a drastic fall in the blood sugar levels result in hypoglycemia, which in turn causes coma. It is a dangerous and life threatening condition. This is the reason, that diabetics are supposed to keep a candy or sugar cubes with them, at all times.

Diabetes Information and Laziness Cure

Fighting off the fatigue is done by regular eating pattern. A balanced diet is necessary. Increase the intake of complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruits and legumes. These contain soluble fiber, which helps in reduction of blood cholesterol and glucose levels.

  • Abstinence from alcohol is important, as it results in complications.
  • Stick to a clear-cut sleeping pattern. A nap or small rest helps to revitalize you.
  • Relaxation techniques, such as meditation and yoga prove highly beneficial.
  • Avoid the intake of coffee, to keep you going. The power wears off, thereby leaving you tired again. It is a temporary fixation technique.
  • Excessive work or stress results in fatigue. Take a break, in between your work schedule, if possible.
  • Deep breathing exercises help to reduce stress and fight off tiredness.
  • Regular exercise for about half an hour is highly effective. Excessive exercise also in turn results in fatigue. Identification of diabetes fatigue and its cause helps to address the problem in a simple manner.
  • Eat a healthy diet to maintain the glucose levels. This helps to avoid any calorie crash.
  • Modification of lifestyle is necessary.
  • Regular intake of medications helps to a great extent.
  • Poor control of blood glucose results in the accumulation of ketone bodies, which is termed as diabetic ketoacidosis. Fatigue is a sign of warning, which requires immediate attention. Immediate diagnosis and treatment proves beneficial.