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Diet plays a vital role in weight gain

I am 1.68cm tall, 58kg weight. How can I increase my weight especially for face and shoulders?
(August 14, 2008)

Weight gain or weight loss in particular areas is difficult. It is the natural tendency to put on weight in certain areas. If your body has the tendency to increase weight in the shoulder and face, then it is your luck! Improve weight in the shoulder areas with exercise and regular workouts. Increase in weight is displayed in different body parts in different people.

Weight is pre determined by genes. Hormones help in growth. If you have heredity of poor weight, then it is slightly difficult to gain weight. Certain individuals put on weight in the abdomen, thigh and hip region. Diet plays a vital role in weight gain. Adherence to a strict dietary pattern helps. Is a strict diet necessary for weight gain? Yes, of course! A strict diet helps in weight gain or weight loss. The strictness is determined by what you want?

Avoid skipping breakfast and binging on the lunch directly. Skipping meals result in certain disorders. Do not drink water between your meals. Exercise increases appetite and thereby helps in weight gain. A food diary is useful to keep a record of the daily intake. A list of foods and liquids that you take is made note of. Peanut butter, avocados, granola, olives, bagels, cheese and milk are rich in calories and help in weight gain. Include milk in cereals, sauces and soups, rather than using water, as it contributes to more calories. Crackers with dips are a good part of snacks. Prepare side dishes with beans, pasta and cheese. Salad dressings with olive oil, lime juice is helpful. Margarine is also considered once a while. Include energy dense inclusions such as cheese and dressings to sandwiches.

As the amount of fat is less, the increase in demand for food is seen with vigorous exercise. Work out only one exercise at a time. Allow one set of muscles to get accustomed to all the ordeals. Swimming, walking and jogging is effective. Cosmetic surgery helps in putting weight on to the face. The metabolism also plays a vital role in weight gain. Greater pace of metabolism results in higher expenditure and thereby helps in weight loss. Fat gain accompanies muscle mass formation. Lifting weights is yet another technique to improve muscles. Recovery period between workouts should be more. Initial sessions of cardiovascular exercise, prior to weight lifting, prove beneficial. Use of spotter (knee and elbow protection pads) helps in prevention of injury, during workout session.

Submitted by M S on August 14, 2008 at 05:09


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