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Food and Exercise

Is it true that you should avoid doing vigorous physical work after lunch?
(August 8, 2011)

Performing any vigorous activity immediately after lunch or any meal depends on the quantity of the food consumed. Ideally it is always advisable to wait for at least a couple of hours after a meal before taking up any activity. This is because otherwise individuals are known to suffer from stomach cramps which is mostly because the  body requires a certain amount of energy to digest the foods that the individual has consumed. Those who do wish to take up vigorous physical work or exercise after lunch should ensure that the meal mostly comprises of protein rich foods. If on the other hand the lunch comprised of a light snack then one may take up vigorous physical work immediately after.

Additionally those who plan on taking up vigorous work after lunch or some sort of mid morning exercise should ensure that they consume a good carbohydrate rich and protein rich breakfast.
Submitted by N on August 8, 2011 at 01:28


Are fruit juices good after lunch?    

Most doctors or dietitians will not recommend fruit juices after lunch because this may be harmful to ones digestive system and overall health. Drinking juice after lunch should be avoided and instead one should wait at least for sometime before drinking juice after lunch or even eating fruits. This is because drinking juice immediately after lunch will result in a delay in the digestion on account of the high proportion of starch and proteins. This is because fruits take almost 30 minutes to get properly digested and to be moved to the small intestine for the absorption of the essential nutrients. If consumed immediately after lunch fruit juices will stay blocked in ones stomach and may even start getting rotten or fermenting. This may also manifest in the form of abdominal pain or stomach cramps in some people. In such cases the nutritional benefit of the fruit juice will be lost and the lunch will also not get broken down and digested properly. Rather than drinking juice immediately after lunch one should consume the fruits juices 3-4 hours after lunch or they can also have the fruit juice 20-30 minutes before they have their breakfast. In this way they will be able to get the full benefits of the fruits.
Submitted by N on August 7, 2011 at 04:36


Does running after lunch have negative effects?

Running post lunch is not advisable in most cases more so if the individual has just consumed a heavy meal. In such cases rather than immediately running after lunch one should wait for at least 30 minutes before they start running or taking up any other form of exercise. The simple rule to consider while deciding about running after lunch is that the heavier the meal the longer one should wait. On the other hand, if lunch comprised of a light meal consisting of low fat crackers or a bagel then one can run immediately after lunch. Those who plan on running post lunch they should ensure that they consume foods that are high in nutrients and carbohydrates but low on fats. Some of the side effects of running after lunch may include stomach pain, nausea, stomach cramps and even feeling breathless on account of the full stomach. One should also ensure that along with their meal they should also consume sufficient amounts of drinking water if they plan on running post lunch to avoid dehydration. There are certain people who also like to run before lunch, in such cases they should ensure that they have a relatively heavy breakfast along with some fruits as occasional snacks just before the workout so that they don’t feel weak or fatigued.
Submitted by N on August 4, 2011 at 04:34


Can we eat fruits after lunch?

There are many studies which suggest that consumption of fruits after lunch is not good for the body, especially the digestion process. Fruits generally take at least 20-30 minutes to get digested and move down to the small intestine where further nutrient absorption takes place.

Eating fruits after lunch, especially high starch and protein fruits can further prolong the process of digestion which results in the fruits getting blocked in the stomach region. These fruits may even start fermenting or rotting in the stomach and their nutritional value gets completely nullified. This in turn can cause an incomplete digestion of the other foods as well and may even lead to stomach upsets or other tummy problems. Therefore keeping this in mind instead of immediately eating fruits after lunch it is healthier to eat fruits at least 1-2 hours after lunch. Another healthy option would be to eat fruits before meals instead of eating fruits after lunch or dinner. Consumption of fruits before meals actually helps in suppressing your appetite and reduces your hunger for food. The fiber from the fruits helps in digestion and preventing problems like acidity, upset stomach and constipation. The best time to eat fruits is 2-3 hours before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Submitted by N on August 3, 2011 at 05:32


Is walking after lunch good for health?

Walking after lunch is one of the healthiest habits a person can have. Walking not only helps digest food faster but it also helps in burning up the sugar from the bloodstream and prevents it from getting converted into fat. Walking after lunch also helps stimulate the body and mind and in turn helps you stay refreshed and not feel lethargic. A post lunch walk need not be a brisk walk but rather a slow paced walk which can ease the body into the fat burning mode.

Walking after lunch helps the body use up some of the glycogen stored in the muscles and therefore burn fat faster. Some studies have shown that walking after lunch in some cases is even better than a morning walk especially in the case of people suffering from diabetes. The blood glucose levels tend to go up after meals and therefore a simple post lunch walk can help keep this in control. It is important to keep in mind that the walk after lunch should be relaxed and casual and not high intensity or brisk as this can hamper the process of digestion. Therefore walking after lunch is healthier as it helps in burning calories and keeps you energized for work.

Submitted by N on July 29, 2011 at 05:29


The question of whether or not you should exercise or exert yourself with strenuous work after meals is one that is often asked and at times hotly debated. Most diet and fitness experts however do agree upon certain important points. The answer to the question does depend on some variables, such as how much you’ve eaten, what kind of food it was, and what kind of activity you’re planning.

The general answer to the question however would be that if you’ve eaten a lot then it certainly isn’t a good idea to exercise. There is sound reasoning behind this advice. When we consume food, the digestive process that follows requires a significant diversion of blood towards the digestive organs like the stomach and intestines. This also implies that there is a reduced availability of blood for the other muscle groups, which is why cramping is very likely, or at least a lot more likely to occur when you exercise after a meal. You are generally advised to wait for at least an hour or two before beginning any strenuous exercise or physical activity. This of course can vary from person to person.

Of course there are also times when you are expected to eat soon before a workout as in the case of cardios and some other exercises. This does not however indicate eating large meals or a heavy lunch, but generally light but power rich snacks and electrolyte solutions or fruit juices. The type of food that you eat is then of great importance and this also depends on what time of the day you plan to workout. For an early morning exercise routine it would suffice to have a light breakfast with some fruits and probably a fruit juice and water. A mid morning or intense workout would require a high carb breakfast, such as something like a bowl of oatmeal porridge, or wholemeal toast and jam. Even a late morning workout before lunch would require a light snack before the workout, which should be followed with a carb and protein rich lunch. If you eat a heavy lunch then it’s best not to workout for at least an hour after.

Whether or not you eat before any physical exercise or exertion also depends on the nature of the activity you’re planning. A brisk walk for ten to twenty minutes shortly after eating would be a much better option as compared to a strenuous high impact class or weight training.
Submitted by A M on July 22, 2010 at 04:17


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