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Freezing Fresh Meat

Is it fine if I freeze fresh meat?
(August 3, 2011)

What are low fat and carb freezer meals?

Filling and hot low calorie freezer meals are very convenient if you stack them in the freezer or pick them up in advance. These meals are packed with a lot of zesty, tangy and saucy options prepared with ingredients that are fresh. Making low calorie freezer meals entails the same procedure as with any other low calorie meals. You should choose plenty of poultry, lean meats, whole grains and vegetables. Using whole wheat pasta rather than enriched pasta will increase the fiber intake and reduce the calories.

Some of the low calorie freezer meals include various casseroles that make use of ingredients that are low in calories like rice, vegetables, chicken, tomatoes, beans and turkey breast. The content of calories in a low calorie meal will depend on your weight loss target and your activity levels.

High fat meals can be turned into low fat freezer meals by using healthier alternatives instead of the ingredients that are fattening.  Some of the substitutions include soups prepared with milk rather than calorie laden cream, potatoes or tofu to thicken the sauce. You could also go in for lean ground turkey rather than ground beef. If you suffer from diabetes, going in for carb free meals and low carb freezer meals will be helpful.
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What are freezer meals for one and two person?

Freezer meals can either be meals that you can make at home and freeze for later use or that which you buy at a grocery store. Whatever kind of freezer meals you use, it can be very easy and convenient to just put it in the microwave to warm it up. To prepare freezer meals for one person, you should ensure proper planning. Another tip on making freezer meals for one person to work is to freeze parts of the meal and use it when needed.

When making freezer meals for two or one person, it will be better to freeze the meals in individual, smaller sizes, rather than big batches. Some of the good freezer meals for two you could prepare are pot roast, rissoles, fried eggs and fries, vegetable risotto, mushroom omelet, and salad and grilled cheese sandwiches. Some individuals find it easier to prepare freezer meals in big batches. and put it into small containers. This will work well with various foods like vegetables, meats, and soups as well as some pasta dishes if they are prepared with sauce. Another advantage in freezing meals for one person is that it makes it easier to defrost one smaller meal rather than a large one.
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Which are the best freezer meals for diabetics?

Freezer meals for diabetics are meals that are prepared ahead of time and used whenever needed. When an individual is suffering from diabetes, it is important that the right food is eaten, and healthy choices of homemade food that are frozen can make it easier to make those choices. Some of the best freezer meals for diabetes include chicken meatballs, ham and cheddar breakfast burritos, salsa chicken, avgolemono soup, and creamy turkey wild rice soup. When preparing the chicken meatballs, you could use ground chicken that is leaner compared to beef; using herbs and parmesan will make it tastier.  

Freezer meals for gestational diabetes should be low in carbs with moderate protein and lots of vegetables. Most freezer meals tend to be casseroles loaded with fillers, which are usually carbs like bread and pasta. It will be better to stock your freezer with meat like pork chops, buffalo, ground turkey, steak, and chicken along with a lot of vegetables. The main idea in preparing freezer meals for type 2 diabetes is to use more vegetables and less carbs. You could prepare meals like lasagna bake, but rather than using a lot of pasta you could use eggplant, zucchini or other vegetables.
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What are freezer meals for toddlers?

Freezer meals are just meals that are prepared at home, but which are prepared ahead of time, frozen and wrapped up for another day. Freezer meals for toddlers can make family life much easier. There are some recipes you can get on the Internet that are specially created for families with kids. Whether you prepare the recipes and keep them in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for some weeks, it will still taste good. However, make sure that the food is completely cooled before you freeze it and wrap it up.

Freezer meals for kids can be very helpful as a time saver and if you do not have too much time to spend in the kitchen. Preparing freezer meals does not have to be a process that is difficult and time consuming. Many individuals cook a lot of meals one day in a month and freeze them. If you do not posses a large freezer, you could make use of plastic freezer bags. Be sure that all the air is removed and keep it flat on the shelf of your freezer. Once it is frozen you can keep 5 to 10 atop each other. Some of the good freezer meals you could prepare are meatloaf, vegetable lasagna, baked spaghetti, and chicken manicotti.

Submitted by N on July 14, 2011 at 06:33


Freezing fresh meat from the super market is a perfectly safe and healthy process if done correctly. Freezing meat is the safest way to control the multiplication of the bacteria such as e-coli etc. Fresh meat from the super market is sold in polystyrene trays that are covered with cling wrap plastic. This is one of the best way to store the meat in the freezer for at least up to a period of 6 months. If you plan on storing the meat for longer than this, then you should ideally wrap it in aluminum foil and put it into an air tight container. This is to prevent the meat from being exposed to the external air every time the freezer door is opened. External air will dry out the meat and as a result, it loses its texture, flavor and aroma. Also important to remember when you buy it from the super market – you need to freeze it within an hour of purchase as exposed fresh meat is extremely susceptible to the air around it and will be a haven for multiplying bacteria. Depending on the type of meat, there are different periods for which they can be frozen and still retain their taste, quality and texture. Steaks of red meat such as beef, pork and lamb can last the longest - which is up to a year.

The same holds true for poultry as well but only the whole bird. If it has been cut into pieces and then frozen, then the maximum time it should be kept in the freezer is up to 6 months. If the meat has been minced, then it should not be kept for as long and it would be best if it is consumed within a maximum of 3 months. This is because during the grinding process, the meat has already been exposed to the environment and the bacteria multiplication will be much higher than it is with a whole bird. If meat is being frozen and kept in the freezer for long periods of time, then it is vital to label the dates and what type of meats they are. This is so that one does not get confused with the different meats and also because this allows you to keep a track of the consumption period. To sum it up – it is safe to freeze fresh meat and eat it later on, but precautionary measures should be taken to retain the quality of the meat.
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