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Cooking Red Meat

Which is the best method of cooking red meat?
(July 7, 2010)

Red meat is a classification given to meat that is usually consumed as part of our diet. The term is given because these meats tend to appear red or pink when they are uncooked. Some commonly found red meats include beef and mutton. When compared to red meats, white meats are lighter in color. Chicken is the most commonly found white meat.

This color and classification of the meat is based on the color of the raw meat and does not have anything to do with cooking and the effect it has on the meat. During the cooking process, the exposure to heat and the addition of spices and garnishes will change the appearance and texture of the meat.

It is not really easy to determine the best method for cooking red meat as it depends on your requirements. Fried chicken may be a tastier choice than steamed chicken but it is the later that has superior health benefits. The method of cooking that is used is based on the cuisine and the dish being prepared. Some preparations are eaten raw or very lightly cooked. An example of this is a typical cold cut of beef which appears pink. Other preparations may require a longer period of cooking. This results in the meat being “well done”. Again, the type of cooking is optional based on the desire of the person consuming the meat. In terms of safety of consumption and ease of digestion, many people suggest that red meat should be cooked to a well done state. It must be noted that lamb tends to be served well cooked and is not eaten in a raw or lightly cooked state whereas beef is subject to the desire of the consumer. Cooking red meat properly and thoroughly will likely eliminate any harmful bacteria that are developing on or within the meat, especially meat that is stored or is left out for a few hours before cooking. Unfortunately, heavy cooking may harm the enzymes in the meat which reduces the health benefits of consuming meat. Red meat consumption is good for health in that it provides iron and protein but it is also considered to be bad for health because of its link with cancer and heart disease. It should be mentioned that it is generally accepted that red meat is not really harmful if consumed in moderation and only those indulging in regular consumption are at risk of developing health disorders. When cooked through and through, beef tends to get tougher while lamb tends to become softer, particularly if it is stewed in a gravy or curry.
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