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Low Cholesterol Sweets

How can I make low-cholesterol goodies for my husband who loves sweets but has cholesterol problems?
(July 7, 2010)

Cholesterol is an important component in our diet that is used in cell production and is essential to the health of an individual. However, like many useful substances, cholesterol becomes harmful to the health of an individual if its levels in the body become excessively high. There is also a classification that applies to cholesterol which distinguishes between good and bad cholesterol. Generally speaking, HDL which is High Density Lipoprotein is better than LDL which is Low Density Lipoprotein. A high level of cholesterol in a medical test usually means an increased level of LDL which is considered to be bad cholesterol and is linked with cardiac issues.

A person who has cholesterol problems usually experiences these problems because of poor diet and poor lifestyle. It must be noted that cholesterol is not necessarily linked to fat. It is possible for an overweight person to have a relatively normal amount of cholesterol and it is also possible for a person of average body weight to have high cholesterol problems. These two factors, weight and cholesterol, are linked, but the link is very loose. When a diagnosis of high cholesterol is made, one should embark on an exercise regimen as well as a healthy low cholesterol diet to tackle this problem before it causes secondary complications.   

It is generally accepted that heavy foods and processed foods have a higher concentration of cholesterol while natural foods and light foods have a lower concentration of cholesterol. Meats tend to cause cholesterol related issues as well. When it comes to sweets, many desserts contain dairy and dairy products while others contain plenty of sugar. The cholesterol content should be ascertained using the nutritional information that one might find on the product. As with a regular meal, the sweet part of the meal should be made with natural ingredients. Sweet fruits like strawberries should be preferred over ice cream and flavored sweet dishes. When shopping for ice cream one can try low fat varieties. It is important to check the nutritional information label found on the packaging of all foodstuffs sold in supermarkets because low fat foods may not be low cholesterol foods. Any item that has low cholesterol and low fat can be used to prepare dishes in the house. It should also be noted that a food can be high fat but low in cholesterol. A homemade cake contains an extremely small quantity of cholesterol when a limited amount of butter or oil is used in the preparation.

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Submitted by E L on July 7, 2010 at 04:30


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