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Treatment of Allergies

How can a parent keep Kids with Allergies as Safe as Possible
(June 9, 2010)

Taking care of a child prone to allergies is quite challenging. Some allergies are mild and can be treated with little efforts however some allergies prove to be life threatening. At home you can protect your child and monitor his/her requirements but as and when the child starts schooling it becomes more and more difficult to protect your child. A constant battle that parents face daily is between being protective and being over-indulgent. Some parents choose certain measures which are over the top while some may not take the necessary precautions.
Parents are required to know about a few healthy tips to avoid making their kids feeling like outcasts.

As the child gets older, the severity of the allergy has to be determined. You will have to be prepared with a plan of action incase of an emergency. You need to discuss the details of your child’s allergy beforehand with the school authorities and ask for the necessary adjustments. You will have to keep the medication handy enough, and a plan of action ready as and when the emergency strikes.

If your child is eating in the school canteen you might want to provide him/her with home-made packaged food. This will make you worry less. You should always discuss the food allergy problems with your child first and then help them deal with the idea of avoiding certain foodstuff for their own benefits. The social circle can also help a great deal in protecting potential food related risks. You can politely discuss your child’s food allergy problems with the folks in your neighborhood, surroundings, friend circles, and family. You do not have to announce it, but simply let them know so that they are aware of the problem should your child have an allergic reaction.

A good way to be prepared is by putting an educational file or a simple written guideline which is accessible through your child in case of an emergency. Place all the necessary details in this file; make sure you mention the pediatrician/allergist’s phone number. Put the list of the child’s allergies; place a list of medications of both oral and injectable, make sure you place the list of hospitals which respond with proper treatment to your child’s medical condition. You might also want to place some emergency medication with your child, this is however quite risky and you need to talk to your child’s doctor before you take this step. Kids with allergies may require regular medication and so you can make sure that you give him/her no more than two or three doses of the medicine so that there is less chance of an accidental overdose.
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