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Benefits Of Rye

What are the benefits of consuming rye?
(May 14, 2010)

For the past few years, rye has received a lot of attention from nutritionists and healthy eaters, due to its low content of gluten. An increasing number of people, who suffer from digestive problems due to the presence of gluten in whole wheat grains, can now look forward to getting their nutrients from rye.

Most people when shopping for bread automatically reach out for bread made from wheat. However, there is now another kind of bread that can offer far more nutrition without the side effects of wheat, which is rye bread. A new study conducted by a reputed medical institute revealed that a breakfast containing rye bread was found to be far more beneficial in achieving weight loss.

The study concluded that volunteers who consumed rye bread for breakfast experienced fewer hunger pangs during the day as compared to those who consumed bread made from wheat. An even greater hunger reducing effect was achieved when rye bread was eaten along with rye bran. Volunteers who ate rye bread experienced a feeling of satiety and fullness way past their lunch hour into the afternoon, while volunteers who had wheat bread experienced early hunger pangs.

Health experts are not sure why rye has a better appetite reducing effect than wheat, even though both the grains offer the same amount of fiber. However it has been seen that the fiber in rye bread has a remarkably high capacity of binding water that causes it to dilate in the intestines thus leading to a more noticeable sensation of satiety. Another study revealed that consuming rye bread help in reducing the incidence of type II diabetes by improving the function of beta cells, which is helpful in secreting insulin. Rye is also seen inducing a better insulin response thus offering a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels, while its ability of promoting satiety offer diabetics a good food option over other grains.
Given the excellent content of fiber it provides, rye is helpful in lowering high cholesterol levels. It is believed that a slice of rye bread offers as much as 9 grams of fiber as compared to other breads. Moreover, it also possesses high levels of magnesium that is useful in controlling hypertension and optimizing heart health.

Another study has revealed that rye also supplies a type of phytoestrogen known as lignans that can be useful in protecting breast tissue from the cancer inducing effects of estrogen. The study revealed that those who ate rye breadregularly enjoyed some level of protection against colon cancer, given the grain's capacity to bind bile acids in order to be effectively removed from the body.
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