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Diet Analysis

What is Diet Analysis? Thanks in advance for your answers?
(April 28, 2008)

Intake and Expenditure of Calories

Diet analysis helps in determining the intake and expenditure. Counting the calories is one of the best methods of determining the calories. It is made by your nutritionist or your physician. A vivid description regarding an individual's intake is considered. Other methods of weight loss, namely exercise, both cardio vascular and strength exercises are taken care of.

Certain biochemical parameters, such as glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and so on. Motivation is an essential part of diet analysis. The kind of motivation and rewards established for weight loss is determined. Foods are never kept as rewards for motivation. Keeping a track of what you eat is essential. Dietary questionnaire helps in tracking your food intake.

Activity calorie calculator helps in determining the required calories, based on the activity. Determining the portion size and keeping a check on what you eat is vital. Certain tools like My Pyramid tracker helps in providing information on nutrients and the quality of the diet. Diet analysis helps in preventing chronic diseases, such as anaemia, malnutrition, increased weight and so on. Oral health is also understood. Gastrointestinal health and associated symptoms, such as diarrhoea, heartburn, vomiting and constipation and so on are also kept a check on.
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