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Beyonce Diet

What are the benefits of Beyonce Diet?
(April 27, 2008)

Advice on Beyonce Diet

Beyonce diet is actually referred to as Maple syrup diet or the master cleanser. It was followed by the pop star Beyonce, to reduce the extra pounds. The lemon detox diet helps in detoxifying the system, enhanced immunity, improved complexion, stronger nails shiny hair and in increasing energy levels. The ingredients of the diet include two tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of natural tree syrup in half a pint of water. A pinch of ginger or cayenne pepper is also added.

The demerits of this diet are that the calorie levels are completely limited, resulting in irritability and hunger.

There are extreme variations in your blood sugar levels. There might be deficiencies in essential nutrients namely, fibre, protein, phyto chemicals, vitamins and minerals. Deficiency of fibre results in constipation. Deficiency of minerals like calcium, zinc and iron, in addition to ascorbic acid is seen to occur.

The risk of dental caries and other complications are on the rise due to the sugar acid combination. This diet allows four plans, namely, once a week, full detox, master plan and relaxed version. The fats are broken with light fruit juices. A cup of herbal laxative tea is recommended on a daily basis.
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