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Ab Exercise

How is Ab Exercise helpful to me?
(October 27, 2010)

Ab Exercises

Given the fact that a person’s aesthetic appeal is a very significant factor in the kind of lifestyle he/she leads in today’s world, it is easy to understand a number of individuals taking their looks rather seriously. Fruits and vegetables are now becoming an increasingly popular food choice over the preferred and convenient fast foods that have excessive empty calories that serve no other purpose than adding to the fat layers in the body. The stomach is definitely one of the most prominent parts of the body when a person has put on additional weight. Making sure that your stomach is well toned and muscular will go a long way in highlighting not only the level of fitness, but also an overall healthy lifestyle. Because the fat around the abdomens and belly is the most stubborn to lose, having a flat belly is usually the highlight of a health conscious person’s body.

Because of the fact that exercises have been tweaked and bettered so that they are as effective as possible, it is important that one uses the right technique when attempting any form of exercise. The wrong posture could easily tear a tendon or muscle - causing a significant amount of pain as well as time spent in recuperation.

One of the most effective ab exercises for women and men is the bicycle exercise. This ab exercise calls for the individual to lie flat on the floor, with the lower back pressed to the ground and the hands placed firmly behind the head. The knees should then be elevated to a 45 degree angle and the foot be made to perform a pedaling motion. The ab workout is most effective when the participant is able to touch the left elbow to the right knee and the right elbow to the left knee. As with any kind of exercise, the way you breathe during each repetition will play a significant role in how effective the exercise is. Your breathing should remain even and relaxed throughout. The Captain’s Chair is a very popular and effective ab exercise equipment choice that allows you to perform a number of different exercises that help tone the abdomen. It is essentially a rack with padded arms that allows your legs to hang free. Once you have stabilized your upper body after standing on the chair, you should then press your back against the pad and contract the abs to lift your knees towards the chest.

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Submitted by S M on October 27, 2010 at 12:38


Information on Ab Exercise

Men and women as they age tend to develop a pouch in the abdomen. Fat is stored in the abdomen leading to sagging abdomen which can affect the self esteem of the individual.

If you are health conscious and require firm and strong abs then abdominal exercises can be performed which can give the desired result.Ab exercise helps in strengthening the abs muscle and can reduce the fat content of the abdomen. To have a firm and strong abdomen with trim waist, this can be beneficial. It helps in toning the muscle and will keep it in the plane well defined by the hips. Abdomen being larger muscle the calories can be burnt more by range of exercises and thus the fat can be reduced. It also helps in supporting the back, thus providing right posture.

However, when we go through intense exercise the calories are burnt from the body from the energy that can be easily burnt and then the fat stores are used .From which area of the fat is being used is not in our control. Abdominal exercise not only concentrates on the abdominal fat. However by regular exercise this can be achievable.

If you have not done ab exercises before, then don't start with intense exercise as it can have negative effects on the body.Start with lighter exercises that can be done according to your capacity and then gradually increase the intensity of the exercises.
Submitted by A V on April 24, 2008 at 09:44


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