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Smash Diet

Help me please someone - what is smash diet will help me a lot if someone can answer?
(April 20, 2008)

Information on Smash Diet

Smash diet is a four phase weight loss method. Smash diet helps in weight loss associated with obesity. It was developed by Ian Smith. A phase of ninety days of a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits helps in enjoying life to the maximum possible. Smashing the bad habits and improving yourself is the ultimate objective of this diet.

A lot of misconceptions and myths regarding diet and weight loss are also smashed, thereby helping in weight loss. The first phase comprises of nine days of detoxification. Vegetables and fruits help you in achieving cleansing of the system. Four to five meals are recommended at three hour interval.

A light exercise with a twenty minute walk post dinner is effective. Grilled, steamed or raw foods help in usage of nutrients to the fullest. Foods that are allowed are tofu, all fruits, unlimited amount of water, limited soy or skimmed milk, herbal tea, vegetables (avoid avocado and potatoes), brown rice, egg whites, oat meal, low fat yoghurt, and spices and herbs. The second phase is for three weeks with more activity and additional foods, like, diet soda, meat, egg, coffee and so on. More foods with a non fruit dessert are allowed. The fourth phase is the maintenance phase with an hour of activity, done 5 days a week.
Submitted by E L on April 20, 2008 at 11:48


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