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Prescription Diet Pills

How are prescription diet pills helpful to me?
(April 20, 2008)

Information on Diet Pills

A number of diet pills are available in the market with various claims. The chemical component determines the functionality of each pill. The various diet pills available are over-the-counter drugs, prescription diet pills and herbal supplements. The first one, as the name suggests, is available over the counter, without a prescription.

Prescription diet pills are those that are available with a physician's prescription. The usage of such drugs is continuously under the supervision of the doctor.

Herbal supplements are natural and are available over the counter. The effectiveness of a diet pill is regulated by the chemical component present in them. The hypothalamus is the appetite regulating region and this is affected by the intake of appetite suppressants, namely phentermine, sibutramine and diethylpropion. The return of nor epinephrine or non adrenaline and serotonin is blocked, thereby resulting in satiety feeling. Increased secretion of these chemicals results in reduced food intake.

Certain medicines or diet pills oppose the action of lipase. This is an enzyme that helps in fat breakdown. Certain drugs affect the hormones related to appetite. Ghrelin which increases the appetite is reduced. Prescription diet pills are recommended for individuals who are obese and not for temporary or instant weight loss.
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