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Lemonade Diet

tired of hunting for information on lemonade diet anyone here that can help?
(April 20, 2008)

Information on Lemonade Diet

The lemonade diet or the Master Cleanser diet, as it is known is a diet used for the elimination of toxins. Toxins in the body system due to improper dietary regimen, negative psychological attitude and reduced exercise are rectified by this diet. Toxin congestion, purification of glands, kidney and gastro intestinal cleansing are performed by this diet. Removal of hardened material from the bones, regulation of blood pressure, pure blood and weight control are established. It is a liquid diet used for detoxification process.

The diet comprises of around 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade.

The ingredients involved are maple syrup, lemon juice and water with a small amount of cayenne pepper. About three to sic lemons are used per day. Two tablespoons each of lemon juice and maple syrup and one tenth teaspoon of cayenne pepper is mixed in ten ounces of water and stirred well. Lemon and maple syrup are a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Lemon is a natural cleanser and is a good source of potassium. This diet is generally recommended for ten days. It can be considered four times a year. Orange juice is allowed on the first day after breaking the lemonade diet fast. Vegetable soup is also given on day two. Salads are also taken on day three, followed by regular diet from the fourth day.
Submitted by E L on April 20, 2008 at 10:48


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