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Female Weight Training

I am a female and will like to do weight training. Is it ok?
(June 27, 2008)

Weight Training for Women

Weight training in females was considered to be a no earlier. This is because weight training can lead to increase in muscle mass in women as a result of which the female may gain larger and bulkier muscles. This can affect their appearance and beauty as females are considered to be the delicate. Females do not have those hormones which can deal with muscle mass as in males. A feeling of large and muscular female is observed for those who take up weight training.

However this is not true. Weight training can tone up the muscles and strengthen it without adding bulk to the muscles.

It is considered that weight training can increase the weight of the individual thus reducing the self confidence and leading to frustration and depression. The increase in weight is not because of the body Fat but due to increased lean muscle mass. Hence we don't need to be panicky as the muscle tissue is increased the body weight is increased. These muscle tissues are thermogenic by nature. This it can help in burning the fat stores. Increase in muscle mass can also increase the resting metabolism which can burn the calories. The energy expenditure is increased by exercising.

It also has positive effect on bone health. Weight training exercises if done regularly can reduce the incidence of osteoporosis characterized by porous bone and low bone mass and increased susceptibility to fractures on the spine, hips and wrists.

Certain exercises that can be helpful to women are:

  • Front lunge: Keep your feet apart and torso erect. Take a large step forward and start bending at the hips and bend the knees low to such a point that it is bending up to one point above the ground. Bring it back to position and repeat it with the other leg.
  • Curl press: Hold the dumbbells to the sides. Curl up the dumb bells to the bicep curl and press it to the shoulder.
  • Lying knee lifts: Lie down straight on the back. Fold the knees and bring the knees to the chest. Hold for few minutes.

Thus each and every exercises need to be done properly. If there is any kind of doubt in terms of technique it is essential to consult a physical trainer.

Submitted by A M on June 27, 2008 at 07:40


Advice on Female Weight Training

Men and women can train in a similar manner to gain muscles. Body fat decreases and the strength and endurance levels are enhanced. Weight training, cardio and diet play a vital role in weight control. Most of the physiological processes in men and women are similar. Testosterone is essential for muscle packing in the body. Hence women lose fat and tone up, whereas in the case of men, the muscle gain increases.

Workouts in a gradual manner are important, as improper workouts can be injurious and have a negative effect. Building and protection of the muscle mass, during old age is helpful. The greater the amount of stimulation, the greater is the density of the bones, thereby preventing the risks of osteoporosis and fracture. Different sizes of the weights are used during the weight training session, in order to put more force on the various muscle. Gradual increase in the weights, during training is of immense help. Bone diseases are prevented in women, by taking up weight lifting.

Weight training in women increases the resting metabolism or the amount of calories burnt in the rest. An individual's moods are made better and the strength increases. Muscle endurance is increased, thereby resulting in increased strength.
Submitted by E L on April 18, 2008 at 04:17


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