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Endurance Weight Training

Does weight training increase endurance?
(October 11, 2010)

Endurance is the ability of the muscles to perform certain activities repeatedly. If you observe any activity or sport that benefits with increased strength, you’ll see that the strength will need to be sustained for longer periods. Studies have shown that individuals can build endurance with weight training by working the muscles hard and hence, making them stronger to perform the different challenges. Building strength will depend on the amount of weight you lift. To build strength you should come close to the heaviest weights you can lift with comfort.

The main principle in building strength is to lift the maximum weight with few repetitions. However, endurance weight training will depend on the number of times you lift the weights continuously. That said; it is essential that you work on both strength and endurance weight training.

When you just start out with a weight training program, it is important that you begin with weights that are light and repetitions that are easy.If you begin with weights that are too heavy, you are likely to cause an injury. Begin with weights you can lift comfortably for around 8 to 12 repetitions. Then try to perform another set after taking a break for a few minutes. In your endurance weight training routine, you should end up working all the muscle groups by performing an exercise to target each one. Start with the muscles that are larger like in the legs and go down to the smaller ones like in the arms.

Your muscular endurance weight training program can be approached with three types of exercises: free-hand, machine-weight and body weight exercises. You should try to include all three of them into your muscular endurance weight training program. To increase stamina and endurance, you should perform the exercises for a longer duration. Remember, you need not be lifting the heaviest weights to increase stamina and endurance. Select the right weight so that your muscles are not stressed too much while you perform the repetitions.

To build strength and endurance with weight training, it is also essential that you maintain a proper diet. A weight training diet will provide you with the power and energy that is required in the performance of the workouts. You should consume foods that have high quantities of carbohydrates and proteins. Foods that are prepared with milk, fruit juices, low fat cheese, crackers, yoghurt, smoothies, soya, energy bars rich in carbohydrates, and energy drinks are good sources of energy.

These foods will benefit by increasing the intake of energy as compared to the expenditure of it. You should also include fish, meat, pulses, and cereal as part of your diet to build lean muscles and reduce the content of fat. It is also vital that you consume sufficient fluids for hydration. Two hours before you begin your training you should drink 2 to 3 glasses of water and another glass one hour prior to your workout.

By maintaining the right diet along with the regular practice of endurance weight training, you will be able to excel in any sport you choose to take up, or simply ensure a fit and healthy body.

Submitted by C N on October 11, 2010 at 03:58


Alternative ways to Increase Endurance 

Strength training or weight training has become an essential element of exercise in all sports women and men. There was a misconception that weight training can add unnecessary bulk to the sportsperson thus hindering the ability to execute skill. Weight training is necessary as an integral conditioning component in the power athletes like football players and rugby players as well as performance in pure endurance events are improved through strength routine. In any athletes to sustain they require explosive power, muscular endurance and maximal strength. All go hand in hand and is improved by weight training. Maximal strength is the highest level of force the athletes can generate. If the maximal strength of the athletes is high, then the power and the endurance level will also increase. Maximal strength training can improve the endurance performance and exercise economy. Certain events like distance running, swimming, rowing and cycling, strength endurance is the required factor. With greater amounts of maximal strength, more can be maintained for prolonged period of time. Strength endurance can be enhanced by circuit training and low weights and high repetitions

Circuit training is an efficient way of improving the muscle strength, endurance and coordination. Circuit training programs are available for short term and long term endurance events. Certain circuit work outs like push ups, squat jumps, burgees and superman are beneficial.
Any form of training must be prepared according to the way the person is competing.
Muscular endurance are divided into power endurance, muscular endurance (short term) and muscular endurance (long term)

Power endurance is required by base ball pitchers, martial artists and wrestlers who produce powerful movements and repeat them with little or no rest. For such athletes, training like jump squats, side throws, and wall throws are useful.   

When sports and events consist of bouts of exercise that can last for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, short term endurance is preferable. For such training, push ups, calf presses and back extensions are useful.

Long term endurance is event that can go beyond 2 minutes. For such events, activities like bar bell curls, bench presses and half squats are preferable.

Thus weight training can help in all types of endurance thus improving the quality of athletic activities in an individual.

Submitted by A V on April 18, 2008 at 12:28


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