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Fitness Weight Training

Need advice on Fitness Weight Training. Know anything about it?
(April 11, 2008)

Fitness Weight Training 

Weight training or endurance training along with an appropriate diet fit for you is done to gain complete fitness. Weight training can tone up your muscles; fights against the age related muscle loss and in general give you a good appearance.  In weight training fitness is achieved by challenging the muscles and forcing them to adapt to certain amount of weight or stress. Many researches show that a single set of exercise with minimum 12 repetitions by using appropriate weight can build muscles more effectively then just doing countless repetitions for hours sitting in a gym. Use enough weight so that your muscle is tired after 12 repetitions. By using appropriate weight you can barely finish all the exercises of back, chest, legs, arms and abdomen and shoulder in 20-30 minutes.

It is very important to start slowly and gradually, increase the weights and intensity gradually. Increase your weight up to 10% at a time and see how wonderfully you would perform. Give time to your muscles to recover, rest for one full day before taking charge of other muscle group. Lean muscles tends to generally get replaced by fat as one ages, but with the help of weight training you can hold this process and remain fit and energized. 

Submitted by S M on April 11, 2008 at 07:27


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