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Best Weight Loss Program

Does any one know which is the Best Weight Loss Program available? Searching for help
(April 11, 2008)

Best Weight Loss Program 

There are various weight loss programs available which can be learned form different sources like internet, media, television, newspapers, magazines or books but learn and understand that a best weight loss program is that which does not tell you to eliminate anything from your diet. A weight loss program which suggests losing weight with the help of a balanced diet and exercise should be considered the best one. Search for such weight loss programs which are practical and which you can follow for your entire life. The common fad diets these days either tell to eliminate a certain food or food group from the diet or just ask to eat a particular food for some period to lose weight. These diets are not practical as you can not follow that routine in the long run and as soon as you get back to your old routine you would gain double the amount of weight at a lightening speed.

So select a weight loss program which promotes health by eating healthy foods like whole cereals and grains, pulses, sprouts, skimmed dairy products, eggs, fish, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables and lots of water along with a regular exercise regime to burn the excess calories from the body. 

Submitted by S M on April 11, 2008 at 06:31


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