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Healthy Diet Pills

does any one know what is the best solution for weight loss using Healthy Diet Pills. I am searching for help for a while now?
(April 10, 2008)

Healthy Diet Pills

There exists nothing known as 'Healthy Diet Pills'. A variety of diet pills exist commercially. All of them exhibit their own pros and cons. Alli, ephedra, uva ursi, dandelion and many other herbs are used as an essential component of weight reduction or diet pills. Certain pills, exhibit a variety of side effects affecting the kidney and heart and also poses to be life threatening or fatal.

Many of the commercially available pills have an adverse effect, if the individual suffers from certain complications, namely heart problems, renal issues and diabetes. The principle mode of action of many diet pills is by the inhibition of lipase, the enzyme essential for fat digestion. Certain herbs have an anti diuretic effect, thereby resulting in water loss. Fat is not lost in certain cases.

Any kind of diet pill calls for constant medical attention. The best solution for losing weight is adherence to strict diet and performance of exercise. Whole grain meals are recommended. Starchy foods and sugars are avoided. Fatty foods and carbonated beverages are completely avoided. Processed foods and preserves are better avoided, as they have a high content of sodium or sugar. Regular exercise is of great help. Lifestyle modification includes abstinence from smoking and alcohol. 

Submitted by E L on April 10, 2008 at 07:55


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