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Yogurt, curds for weight gain

Does curds with sugar after lunch helps in putting on weight? What about grapes, bananas, chikoo's etc. Please advice.
(November 16, 2010)

Yogurt For Weight Gain

Many people nowadays are keen on losing weight on account of pressure from the society, their peers and so on. However being underweight or too skinny also has its share of health concerns such as slow recovery after illnesses or even complications arising during surgery of any. For weight gain one should eat foods that are have an extremely high caloric value. One should also try and increase their consumption of foods however they should ensure that these foods do not have a high fat content or sugar content. Food for weight gain includes those foods that are rich in protein as protein is one of the essential nutrients that is required by the body for the optimal functioning of the immune system and to also help the body repair itself and recover from any illness.

Some of the good sources of protein are soya products such as tofu, tempeh, soya milk, nuts and seed and cereals. Yogurt for weight gain is also beneficial as it is one of the rich sources of protein along with other milk products such as milk, cheese etc. One should also consume curd for weight gain because it provides the body with calcium and the required amount of energy. In fact the fat content of yogurt also helps one gain weight over a period of time. Besides yogurt for weight gain, protein is also essential as it helps in building muscle mass and this protein intake is also preferred from foods sources rather than artificial protein supplements. Yogurt for weight gain is a very good option because being a milk product, yogurt provides the body with two high quality proteins namely whey and casein.

The protein whey is broken down by the body into amino acids which are then absorbed into the bloodstream of the individual. Whey is also excellent for building muscles mass and hence should be ideally consumed after a workout. On the other hand case intake time to digest and hence provides the body with a constant supply of protein for longer periods of time. Some of the other foods for weight gain are healthy fats in the form of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats as well as omega 3 essential fatty acids which is found in food sources such as fish and nuts. Some of the good sources of fats which can be consumed for weight gain are sunflower, canola, olive and other such cold pressed oils. While deciding which foods to consume for weight gain, one should remember that they should avoid consuming fatty food and junk foods to speed up the weight gain but instead consume foods that are high in calories but yet nutritious for the body and one’s overall health. The key to gaining weight in a healthy manner is to ensure that one’s is consuming more calories that one is burning on a daily basis. One should also eat around six small well balanced meals throughout the day. One of the ways to gain weight is to also add some healthy calories to ones daily breakfast by consuming some whole grain bread along with peanut butter. Along with yogurt some other foods for weight gain which can be consumed as mid morning snacks could be trail mixes consisting of healthy nuts and dried fruits rather than junk food snacks. In order to gain weight in a healthy manner one should ensure that almost 40% of their calorie intake comes from carbohydrates such as oatmeal, cereals, whole grain bread and so on. Fish is also one of the rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids and hence is one of the ideal foods for weight gain.

Submitted by S M on November 16, 2010 at 05:36


There are various ways of putting on weight if you so desire. You can make some simple dietary changes that will help you in this regard. But to address your question, curd with sugar taken before, with or after meals will make only a negligible difference to your weight gain attempts. The same thing is true of eating fruits after lunch as well. Although it is true that bananas, chikoos, and even mangoes and grapes to a large extent are sugar and calorie rich foods, they will hardly help you gain significant weight if eaten post meals. This is because they contain very little in terms of fat by volume. This means that in order to gain any substantial amount of weight, you would have to eat these in very large quantities.

If you want to eat fruits to put on weight, there are various ways in which you can have them. One of the best ones is to have milk shakes with whole fruits blended into them. This combination is an excellent one and help greatly in adding weight. This is particularly true of banana and mango milkshake. You can also have full fat fruit based ice cream in order to put on weight. Ice cream is certainly more fattening than yogurt, and will make you add more weight. Fruit salad taken with fresh cream is also an excellent source of calories as well as good health. The best thing is that you can have all varieties of fruits in this particular dish. It is also easy to make. All you have to do is roughly chop fruits and add whipped, sweetened fresh cream to them. Another option that will take a little more time is fruit custard. You should use full fat milk to make the custard, which will help with the weight gain endeavor more. Custard also goes particularly well with bananas and mangoes, so this becomes a culinary treat as well. Another good way to gain good health while adding to weight is to have a glass of milk just before bed time, accompanied with a banana or an apple. This will keep your body from starving all night, when it has to do without food, and will also make you put on some weight over a period of time. Other ways of adding weight would be to increase your intake of complex carbohydrates. This will show quick and good results. Complex carbohydrates would include, among other things, sweets and desserts.

Submitted by M S on July 28, 2008 at 05:22


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