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Diet foods for heart surgery patient

Which food for Heart patient
(July 25, 2008)


Your question contains incomplete information. Although you have asked for the proper diet for heart patient, you have failed to specify if the patient has actually undergone a heart surgery. If that is the case, then it is advisable to seek help and advice from your physician. However, people frequently complain of heart problems. For such people it is absolutely essential to contain a regular, energetic lifestyle.

In addition to the exercise, you also need to eat healthy food. This will certainly help you heal faster and assist in your recovery at the earliest. Heart patients frequently complain of poor appetites. If you are suffering from a similar problem, then you can eat smaller meals but ensure that you eat them more often during the day.


Healthy food includes fresh fruits and vegetables, and food that do not contain too much spices or too much oil. Eating lightly cooked vegetables, rice or other food items is recommended. Avoid food that has been deep fried since this is sure to be high in cholesterol. Reducing the salt in your food also helps in ensuring that you are healthy.


Your food should contain a large quantity of fiber. Vegetables and fruits provide your body with the required roughage. For people who complain of a loss of appetite and find themselves unable to eat large meals, it is advisable to eat more often during the day and restrict the amount of food that is consumed at each of these meals. Heart patients who are on a medication and are confined to one room, find themselves suffering from constipation. Eating fruits and vegetables that contains lot of fiber is one way of solving this problem. Increasing your intake of water or any other fluid like buttermilk or even fruit juices. Among the vegetables you should try to restrict your consumption of coconut and palm. Animal products like bacon, liver and other such food items too contain a large amount of fat and should be avoided. You should avoid eating food that has been fried. Instead you can eat food that has been boiled or roasted with very little oil. Fish is a healthy option and can be consumed by people suffering form heart trouble. It is advisable that a heart patient cut down on fluids. Instead, he can choose solid food. That is, instead of drinking a glass of fruit juice, he can eat the fruit.

Submitted by M S on July 25, 2008 at 09:18


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