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Side effects of saccharine an artificial sweetener

What should I do to avoid saccharine sugars?
(July 25, 2008)

Although humans have always wanted sugar and craved it at every opportunity, you will be surprised to know that the intake of sugar often has varied effects on people. Eating sugar is an addiction that most of us suffer from. Right from our childhood we are introduced to this addiction and as we grow older, it only grows stronger. When we consume sugar and it is metabolized, it is absorbed directly into the blood stream. This results in a sudden increase in insulin, which is used to absorb the sugar.

In addition to this consuming sugar causes your brain to release a chemical known as serotonin. This chemical has the magical effect of making you feel happy and introducing a glow of joy. However, several people do react badly to sugar. There could be a variety of reasons to explain this breaking out due to the consumption of sugar.

When people suffer from the side effects of sugar, they frequently take to eating artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners have gained a lot of popularity since they let people who are on diets and people suffering from diabetes the choice of eating food that they like to eat and want to eat. However, this blinds people to the fact that artificial sweeteners too have their share of side effects.

If you take a well known artificial sweetener named Aspartame, you may find that regular use of this causes headaches. Other possible side effects include sudden mood swings, anxiety, and loss of memory and in some cases even instances of seizures. It is also believed that consumption of this artificial sweetener may be linked to the development of a variety of cancers. However, there is no evidence to prove this yet.

Saccharine, which is one of the oldest artificial sweeteners in the market, is around 300 times sweeter than ordinary sugar. Despite the fact that saccharine is 300 times sweeter than sugar, it tends to leave a bitter taste after eating. Many consumers complain about the metallic taste that this leaves in their mouths. Consumers have also noticed a link between their consumption of saccharine and various side effects. These side effects generally include itchiness and skin rashes. In some cases consumers have also complained of Eczema.

You have not mentioned if you have suffered from any of these physical manifestations of the side effects of eating saccharine. In any case, you should try cutting down on your intake of both sugar and artificial sweeteners. Try to use natural sweeteners like honey and molasses instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Submitted by M S on July 25, 2008 at 08:14


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