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Natural treatment for weight gain

My height in 5'1 and my weight is 41kg, what should I have to do to increase my weight?
(April 8, 2008)

Gain Weight Naturally

Family history plays a major role in an individual's build. Even of the person is healthy but has a thin disposition and has difficulty gaining weight, even when you eat a high-calorie diet, take a look at other members of your family. The genes you acquire from your biological parents play a strong role in your body type. The body can be transformed to a certain extent through resistance training and alterations in your diet, but these methods, may not be able to revolutionize the way you look.

To gain a reasonable amount of weight for your height consume foods that have high calorie content with larger than normal portions of food. Make a realistic target about achieving your goal.

Add pounds to your weight gradually, around one kg every month, until you achieve it. In order to reach your target weight, you will have to take in approximately 350 additional calories every day. Your body will respond favorably if you eat healthy matter, rather than consuming fatty foods or sugar rich foods.

Moderate exercise will help increase the appetite and add muscle rather than fat. If you're overtly concerned about being underweight no matter what you eat, you must consult your physician. Apart from advising you about your diet, your physician will determine the underlying conditions, if any, that is preventing you from putting on weight.
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