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Gallbladder stone diet

diet for gallbladder stone patient
(October 20, 2010)

The gallbladder is a small sac, situated beneath the liver, which stores the bile that is produced by the liver. The gall bladder gets stimulated when a person eats, after which it releases bile into the intestines. The presence of bile is absolutely essential for the proper digestion of food. Hence if the gallbladder is affected by a problem, such as gallbladder stones, the supply of bile could be adversely affected. Gallbladder stones can be described as a hardened deposit of digestive fluid that enters the gallbladder.

These stones can vary in size, ranging from the size of a sand grain to the size of a golf ball. It is possible to develop multiple gallbladder stones at times too. Some of the symptoms associated with gallbladder stones are intense abdominal pain, high fever, yellowing of the skin and so on. The exact cause for this problem is still not known, but following a proper gallbladder stone diet could have a huge influence on alleviating the condition.

Gallbladder stone diet

There are certain foods, which are very helpful in relieving the symptoms of gallbladder stones. They can also be referred to as “good gallbladder stone foods”. Foods that are an integral part of a gallbladder stone diet are:

• Apples and apple juice
• Apricots
• Artichokes
• Avocado
• Beet root
• Carrots
• Casaba melons
• Celery
• Coconut
• Cucumbers
• Dandelion greens
• Different currants
• Figs
• Flax oil
• Flax seed
• Fresh vegetable juices, especially cucumber and beet root
• Garlic & garlic oil
• Ginger root
• Grapes and organic grape juice (organic only)
• Guavas
• Lemons
• Low fat cottage cheese
• Okra
• Papayas
• Pears
• Prunes
• Radishes
• Shallots
• Sweet potatoes
• Swiss chard
• Tomatoes
• Turmeric
• Various berries

At the same time, there are many foods that can aggravate the condition, and therefore, should be eliminated from a gallbladder stone diet. “Bad gallbladder stone foods” include:

• Alcohol
• Coffee
• Corn
• Eggs
• Gluten
• Grapefruit
• Milk
• Nuts and beans (do not include green beans)
• Onions
• Oranges
• Pork
• Saturated fats

Gallbladder stone recipes

There are several recipes that can help relieve the pain caused by gallbladder stones. In fact, studies indicate that drinking liquids is more beneficial than eating, during a gallbladder stone attack. Given below is the recipe of a tea that can be included as a part of a gallbladder stone meal, to relieve the pain:

Flax Seed Tea


• Organic flaxseeds: 1 tablespoon
• Fresh water: 2 ½ cups


1. Boil the water for a couple of minutes and add the organic flax seeds to it.
2. Allow the water the boil with the flax seeds for about 5 minutes or so
3. Steep the flax seeds for the next ten minutes, before straining the water. Sip the tea slowly, while it is still warm. 

Gallbladder stones are quite a serious problem, which should not be treated lightly or ignored. It is advisable to have a doctor monitor all instances of gallbladder stones. It is also best to consult a doctor before switching over to a gallbladder stone diet or any other diet for that matter.

Submitted by C N on October 20, 2010 at 12:34


Diet for Gallbladder Stone 

Any kind of pain, fever and discomfort should be given immediate medical attention. Certain foods to be avoided, in case of gall bladder disease are fried foods, pork, eggs, fowl, corn, beans, oranges and nuts. Green leafy vegetables, such as collard, kale and mustard seem to be disadvantageous to certain individuals.

Flax or hemp oil proves beneficial. Hydrogenated fat, saturated fats, such as clarified butter and coconut oil, Trans fats, partially hydrogenated oils and margarine are not recommended for gall stones. They are wrong fats and are substituted by flax oil. They are used as salad dressing with lime juice and vinegar, instead of mayonnaise. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are also abstained from. A glass of hot water with lemon juice is helpful in detoxifying the liver.

Fruit juices are not preferred, though juice made of organic apple and grapes are exception. Beet and cucumber juice are helpful for the liver. Guar gum, a soluble fibre and those seen in vegetables and fruits supply the required amount of fibre in the diet. Tomatoes, green beans, beet and cucumber are also effective as a part of the diet.

Submitted by E L on April 1, 2008 at 08:03


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