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Fresh Food Diet

What is known as the Fresh Food Diet? What types of foods are included in the fresh food diet and how will it help me to lose weight and become healthier?
(June 26, 2008)

healthy Diet with Fresh Foods 

Vegetables usually take a very small portion of the dinner or lunch plate and as such its beneficial qualities get highly neglected in a menu. However, vegetables have the ability to become the featured food and even become the main course on the main meal of the plate. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the highlight of the fresh food diet and in themselves are nutritional powerhouses that can form the very basis of your healthy diet menu program. In a fresh food diet, the emphasis is on procuring fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than sourcing them from either tinned or canned cases. Ideally a fresh food diet consists of plenty of salads at room temperature, without the use of any cooking methods.

The fresh food diet is usually a vegan diet without the use of any animal products. One of the main characteristics of the fresh food diet is that no one gains weight on this diet, and more importantly most degenerative disorders and lifestyle diseases can be prevented.

And this diet comprises fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, and a good addition of sprouted beans and legumes the diet is extremely low in fats and very high in nutrients. However, it is important to note that most forms of food borne illnesses are due to raw foods and hence care must be taken to source for food from a trustworthy place. All kinds of fresh foods and vegetables must be thoroughly watched before consumption.

A fresh food diet which is a natural diet is obviously more nutritious than consuming processed foods. Most adherents of the fresh food diet locally grow their own vegetables and fruits, and sometimes whole grains and soy food products. It is believed that following a fresh food diet can lengthen lifespan and keep most diseases at bay.

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