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Food Allergy Diet

I would like to know the different types of food allergy diets? How can a food allergy diet be helpful to me?
(June 26, 2008)

Nutrition Advice on Food Allergies 

There are a number of people with food allergies and it is not until they start with a diet till they realize that they are allergic to specific food. Some common food allergens are wheat, soy, seafood, peanuts, dairy products, eggs, yeast etc. A food allergy takes place when the individual's defense mechanism of the body mistakenly identifies and ingredient in the food as harmful and starts fighting against it by creating antibodies.  

You would first need to identify the food allergy diet that you have and create a diet menu by eliminating that particular food allergen from your diet. Consuming foods that are allergic to you may trigger a reaction that can be harmful and in some cases even fatal. It is advisable to talk to your medical practitioner or registered nutritionist to seek help in eliminating that particular food from the diet and commencing on a special diet without that particular food.

Some dieticians and nutritionist may recommend nutritional supplements in order to replace the nutrients in that particular food.

In most diets however, substitutes are increasingly available for those who are allergic to certain foods. These days most foods containing nondairy products are available for those who are allergic to dairy products. It is important to read the labels of food ingredients extremely carefully before choosing any tinned or canned food products. Peanut allergy is an extremely dangerous food allergy, and those who are allergic to it need to be extremely careful while reading the ingredients in packaged foods as there is a high possibility of cross contamination during the processing of foods. Most nutritionist's and dieticians highly recommend that an individual who is allergic to peanuts or any kind of nuts stay away from all types of nuts even though he or she may be allergy to just one particular nut. Similarly those who are allergic to seafood must stay away from eating in seafood restaurants that are likely to use fish oil in preparing in non-seafood items.

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