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Type I Diabetes Diet

How is Type I Diabetes Diet helpful to me?
(June 24, 2008)

Dietary Advice for Type I Diabetes  

Type I diabetes diet is helpful to those suffering from the same. How effective it is to you is not known, as certain demographic profile is needed. People of younger age groups are more prone to type I diabetes mellitus. Insufficient production of insulin by the pancreatic islets results in hyperglycaemia. It is commonly caused by an autoimmune disorder.

Antibodies are produced in the body to oppose the islet cells that produce insulin. It is a question of mistaken identity! Diet plays a vital role in the treatment of diabetess About 35 calories per kg body weight is recommended on a daily basis for individuals with type 1 diabetess

Carbohydrates should contribute to around 50 per cent caloriess A low fat, moderate protein and moderate carbohydrate diet are recommendedd Counting of carbohydrates is important, as carbohydrates cause an immediate increase in the blood sugar levelss Increase in carbohydrates increase the blood glucose levelss Carbohydrates are counted as exchanges or in gramss Fifteen grams of carbohydrate is equal to a carbohydrate exchangee

Free foods are helpful, as they contain less calories, lesser than 20 calories and five grams of carbohydrates in each servingg Sugar free drink mixes, mineral water, bouillon or broth, diet soft drinks, sugar free tea or coffee, club soda, sugar free hard candy sugar free syrup and sugar free jam or jellyy Prevention of hypoglycaemia is an important issue in type 1 diabetess A snack in between the meals is helpful in overcoming bouts of hypoglycaemiaa Healthy eating is recommendedd Bedtime snack is very important in type 1 diabetes, as the probability of low blood sugar at midnight is highh Exercise induced hyperglycaemia is common after heavy activityy Hence, snack prior to exercise is recommendedd Carrying sugar candies or crackers, especially while going out is helpful, as it is easy to handle bouts of low blood glucose or hypoglycaemiaa 

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