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Reverse Diabetes Diet

What are the benefits of Reverse Diabetes Diet?
(June 24, 2008)

Healthy diet and lifestyle to prevent diabetes

Reverse diabetes diet, as the name indicates assures the reversal of the condition through diet alone. Research reveals the fact that a right diet has the capacity to cure diabetes without the use of drugs. Certain other zero fat diets also proclaim to help in cutting the necessity of insulin and other diabetic medications. Several drugs stimulate insulin production. Failure of these medications to function effectively, calls for the administration of insulin.

Opting for vegan diet without refined food prove beneficial in reversing diabetes. There is a drastic decrease in the blood glucose levels. The fasting blood glucose levels also fall in addition to the shedding of the extra pounds.

Dr. Fedon Lindberg recommends a low glycaemic index diet with a healthy lifestyle. According to him, several individuals with a high dose of insulin, when followed this diet, recovered from high blood glucose level without intake of insulin or medicines. Certain other studies also reveal the effect of diet and exercise on diabetes and its reversal. Reversal of type II diabetes is possible. Insulin function is repaired, thereby minimising the use of medications. Blood sugar is controlled and is proven scientifically. Eating a regular meal pattern is the base of this programme. The need for medications also reduces. Exercise, in combination with a strict diet is very effective in reversing the situation to a considerable extent.

Whole grains, pulses, fruits and vegetables form the 'basic four' food group. The response of the body to insulin is changed and enhanced. Following the reverse diabetes diet ensures the stoppage of medications, within weeks of this diet. The reverse diabetes diet emphasises on low glycaemic index foods. High fibre foods also form a part of its diet. Vegan foods also promise to reverse diabetes. 

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