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Good Diet Food

My name is Julie, I want lead a healthy life can you advice a Good Diet Food?
(August 4, 2011)

To lead a healthy life, eating good and healthy food is one aspect. Another aspect is getting regular exercise. In order to lead a healthy life, you can eat correct and healthy food. There is also a plethora of good diet food that you will easily and readily available. The best options are natural foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grain substitutions in every day food.

Healthy snacks should include more fruits like apples and melons instead of bananas and mangoes. You can also have crudités of vegetables like carrots, apples and pepper. In readymade diet food you will find low sugar, sugar free, low fat, low sodium, gluten free, nuts free and dairy free products among others. Such products tend to misleading and can be harmful in other ways. For instance readymade low fat diet food tends to be high in sugar. Therefore in order to purchase good diet food, you should learn to read labels well.
Submitted by N on August 4, 2011 at 06:19


Can junk food be good for you?

Junk food is a term used to describe fast food and packaged food that tends to be consumed regularly as snacks. Items like chips, burgers, fries and even biscuits are termed as junk food. Many studies have shown that junk food contains excess quantities of fat and calories while providing the body with insufficient quantities of important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Junk food also adds a lot of weight to the body if it is consumed regularly.

More recently, there is new evidence to suggest that junk food might actually be good for one’s health. It is important that such information be taken in the correct context. Junk food can be consumed on and off in small quantities, especially if the individual enjoys the taste of such food. Excessive food consumption is the actual cause of any health problem related to obesity and cholesterol. If one moderates the intake of foods, it is possible to make junk food good for you in that it serves to satisfy one’s hunger quickly. It continues to be important to consume other healthy, nutritious and natural foods along with junk food to make sure that there is no permanent effect on one’s health.
Submitted by N on July 28, 2011 at 11:24


What is the recommended proportion of nutrients in a healthy diet?

Before getting into the recommended quantities of nutrients in a healthy diet, it is important to understand exactly what the purpose of nutrients within the body is. Nutrients are essentially chemicals that the body requires in order to grow as well as build and repair tissue. Nutrients are also responsible for the regulation of body processes and the production of energy. It is extremely important to have nutrients in a healthy diet, especially the ones that the body is unable to synthesize. Because of the fact that the body is unable to synthesize the effects of certain nutrients, these nutrients are known as ‘essential nutrients’ as the only method of reception is through the food you eat.

When it comes to amounts of nutrition in healthy food, it is important to remember that there is no standard because of the fact that each individuals dietary requirements will differ from individual to individual depending on factors such as hereditary, chemical composition of the body, lifestyle, environmental conditions as well as hormonal balance. As a result, it is important for you to set up nutrition in healthy eating plan with a trained dietician in order to identify the nutritional balance that will be perfect for your lifestyle and body.
Submitted by N on July 20, 2011 at 11:23


What food groups are needed in a healthy diet?

A healthy diet is required for any individual who wishes to have a healthy body and mind. The foods to include in a healthy diet must come from all the various food groups. The human body is extremely complicated, thus necessitating the consumption of a varied and complex diet. Vitamins and minerals are often the most ignored food groups. Apart from this, one needs to consume plenty of protein and carbohydrate. Fat is another group that is important.

Generally speaking, one can include certain foods in the diet to ensure that these nutritional requirements are met. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the body with a varied range of nutrients. One should also focus on foods that are made from natural products rather than on synthetic and processed foods. For non-vegetarians, lean meat and fish are great options to provide the body with nutrition. Most vitamin and mineral requirements are taken care of using meats, fruits and vegetables. One must also not ignore the importance of dietary fiber. Fiber aids the smooth movement of food through the digestive system, thus enhancing its efficiency. Whole grain products can be used in place of processed grain products as these provide fiber while being healthier as well.
Submitted by N on July 11, 2011 at 11:16


What is a good diet for weight management?

Because of the fact that obesity is such a common condition all over the world and that it is the root cause of a number of different and serious medical conditions, it is easy to understand why an increasing number of people are taking their weight rather seriously. More and more people are looking for a good diet for weight loss that fits into their daily schedule. Looking for a good diet for weight gain is almost as popular as people are also made aware of the various risks of being underweight.

One of the most highly recommended of goo diets for weight loss is the GM diet which was developed by nutritionists working with the motoring company to put together a diet plan that helps an individual lose a significant amount of weight without compromising on the amount of energy the individual has due to a lack of intake in terms of quantity. There are also a number of weight gain diet tips that will prove to be rather effective in ensuring that body mass is increased in a healthy and safe way. All of these can found through a number of sources such as the internet or even the health and living section of your local bookstore.

Submitted by N on July 6, 2011 at 11:13


Good Food Eating Habits

Good diet food is essential in this fast moving era. Increased physical activity and high mental stress calls for a good diet. A good diet depends on the demographic profile of the individual, activity pattern and dietary intake of the person. The same diet fails to suffice for all individuals. The basic guidelines remain the same. All foods have the same impact on all individuals.

There is no magical diet that ensures good health and living. It is a well known fact that healthy diet ensures good health and unhealthy practices result in severe malfunctions. A single food fails to serve the purpose. A combination of all the foods in the food pyramid forms the basis of a good diet. All the essential nutrients are provided by a combination of all the nutrients. The serving size depends on the age and activity levels. All kinds of degenerative diseases, such as osteoporosis, stroke, cataract, cancer and so on are avoided by a good diet food. Good diet with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle helps a great deal. Cereals form the base of the pyramid allowing about six to eleven servings. Whole grains and cereals are preferred, rather than refined cereals. Two to four servings of fruits are helpful. They provide the necessary minerals and antioxidants.
Three to five servings of vegetables are recommended, which provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phyto chemicals. Dairy products help in provide vegetarian protein. Calcium and vitamin D is also provided by milk and related products. Skimmed milk and fat free yoghurt are preferred. Animal protein, such as egg, fish, meat and poultry are helpful. Poultry is removed off its skin, prior to cooking. Fish packed in oil is avoided and lean meat is a good substitute for red meat. Oil is used in a limited manner. Non stick cookware helps in curbing the use of oil.
Submitted by E L on June 13, 2008 at 08:12


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