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Frozen Food Diet

Can you help me to know about the benefits of Frozen Food Diet?
(November 17, 2010)

Frozen Food Nutirition & Calories

Obesity and the problem of being overweight are some of the most common conditions affecting millions of individuals all over the world and is the primary cause for the development of a number of other medical complications that could have lethal outcomes. While most people are under the impression that the most telling negative aspect of obesity lies in the effect it has on a persons aesthetic appeal, the effects the condition has under the surface will impact the individuals quality of life heavily when they have fully developed. The major problem with most of these conditions is the fact that none of them show any symptoms or provide any signs, but will usually come into prominence once the condition has fully developed. Some of the more common conditions that are primarily the result of obesity include heart failure, chronic respiratory disease, cholesterol problems and blood pressure issues. Given the fact that all of these issues have the potential to be lethal unless checked, it is important to take obesity and being overweight rather seriously in order to lead a comfortable and physically fit lifestyle.

The two main factors that play a role in the development of obesity are: an improper diet and a lack of adequate physical exercise. The fact that most of us lead rather fast and hectic lifestyles sees a heavy dependency on fast foods such as hot dogs and burgers. While they are rather tasty, the down side is the fact that most fast foods do not provide our bodies with the appropriate nutrients that it requires to be able to function optimally. Moreover, they are packed with empty calories – which serve no other purpose other than being converted into fat cells and added to the fatty tissue of the body. The lack of physical exercise and exertion means that there is no way for the body to effectively burn these extra fat cells, resulting in the development of obesity.

Given that fast cooking is rapidly becoming a very important aspect of our lifestyles, it is important to have an idea of frozen foods and frozen foods nutrition. One of the biggest advantages of frozen foods is the fact that commercial freezing actually serves to lock in the nutritional value over a period ranging from days to weeks without the need to worry about any kind of degradation in the nutrient quality as well as value. This is especially beneficial when people choose to eat foods that may be out of season. The food industry also uses very good and useful food labels to help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing from a variety of frozen foods and allows you to choose the product that best suits not only your needs, but also your tastes. One of the best examples of the advantages of frozen food is in green beans. Once a batch of green beans has been harvested, the vitamin C content starts to fall rapidly within a period of just 24 hours, but freezing the pods helps retain that vitamin content over a longer period of time. In order to retain optimum frozen food nutrition, the harvesting, processing, packaging and freezing all take place within hours of each other. One can easily see the benefits of nutritional value retention when it comes to frozen food by the fact that fruits and vegetables can be picked much later after they ripen during the winter months than compared to the summer months. This is primarily because of the fact that the nutritional qualities are locked in more effectively during these weather conditions. Froze food calories should ideally be marked on the packaging in order to help consumers make the right low cal frozen foods choice.

Submitted by C N on November 17, 2010 at 01:19


Canned Food Diet

Hi! Little information is available regarding the same. The Frozen food diet, as the name indicates, is precooked food that is preserved in the freezer. They are available commercially and assure weight loss. A number of popular brands market such products. Kashi products, Weight watchers and Healthy choice, Skinny cow, LC and so on are a few of them. A lot of controversies exist related to this diet. They are expensive and might contain certain ingredients which can be done without. Frozen meals are easy to make and cost effective. Healthy foods can be made in the weekends and stored in the freezer. Large portions of certain meals are made and portioned accordingly.
Submitted by E L on June 13, 2008 at 07:46


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