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Diet Coke Diabetes

Explain advantages of Diet Coke Diabetes?
(June 13, 2008)

Diet Coke Diabetes 

Diabetes generally results from faulty diet and sedentary lifestyle. Intake of higher amounts of refined sugar and fats are the factors contributing to diabetes. Sugar hat is present in cakes, pastries and candies can be dangerous. Apart from this people have a tendency to drink too much carbonated beverages. These beverages are highly sweetened and can provide nothing but calories.

These drinks neither are most famous for providing empty calories and does nor provide any other nutrients like any other natural fruit drink. This urge for having carbonated beverages is highest in adolescent group which can later lead to development of diabetes.

Diet colas are present that can give a feeling of soft drink but is also healthy to drink. This drink is not sweetened and is not caloric dense. It consists of sweeteners and is useful for people who are on diet regime like diabetes, athletics and people who are concerned with calories. This drink gives a taste equal to any of the available drink and is easily digestible without providing any after taste. However, diet coke uses a sugar substitute called aspartame which can affect the neurons of the brain and can affect the eyes leading even to blindness. Hence this drink needs to be taken in moderation considering the contents present in the drink. 

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