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How to make white chocolate?

(January 27, 2011)

How To Make White Chocolate

White chocolate has now become very popular all over the world, since there are several people who prefer its sweet taste and smooth texture to regular milk chocolate or even dark chocolate. This is probably why there are so many different brands of white chocolate easily available in the market today. In fact, it is also possible for you to buy white chocolate bars, truffles, mousse, sauce or other types of desserts. White chocolate, as the name suggests has an ivory appearance, or at times, it could even seem to be pale yellow in color. However, many chocolate experts state that white chocolate is not really chocolate, but more of a confectionary.

This is because there are two main ingredients present in regular chocolate, which are not used in white chocolate at all. These two ingredients are chocolate liquor and cocoa solids, which are not used in the preparation of white chocolate. The absence of these two prime ingredients is what causes several people to wonder how to make white chocolate. 

What is white chocolate made of?

The method of preparing chocolate is common to both regular chocolate, as well as white chocolate. However, the main difference lies in the ingredients that are used. White chocolate ingredients do not include chocolate liquor and cocoa solids, both of which are the main ingredients used to make regular chocolate. One of the main white chocolate ingredients is cocoa butter, which gives it a hint of chocolate. In fact, legend has it that when white chocolate was prepared for the first time in Switzerland, around the 1930s, the main purpose of the chocolate manufacturing company was to use up its excess stock of cocoa butter. However, white chocolate is not just made by chocolate manufacturing companies across the globe, but there are many people, who also try to make white chocolate at home. The white chocolate ingredients list consists of cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids and soy lecithin. Unfortunately, there are certain brands of white chocolate that use vegetable fat, instead of cocoa butter, since it is a much cheaper alternative. However, the use of vegetable fat in white chocolate can have an adverse effect on its taste as well as its texture. This is probably why there are many white chocolate lovers who prefer making this sweet treat at home, using ingredients of the right quality and in the appropriate amounts.

Apart from the white chocolate ingredients, there are other devices, like a wet grinder and a double boiler that are required in order to make white chocolate at home.

How to make white chocolate at home?

Preparing white chocolate at home is not very difficult, as long as a person has access to a wet grinder, for at least 6 to 7 hours or so. Given below is the recipe to make white chocolate at home:

White Chocolate Ingredients List:

• Cocoa butter:    16 ounces
• Milk powder:     14 ounces
• Powdered sugar:    14 ounces
• Lecithin:     1 teaspoon

White Chocolate Preparation:

• Melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler, till it turns creamy and soft. The cocoa butter should be stirred continuously, to prevent it from sticking or burning. Alternately, it can also be melted in a thick bottom saucepan, which has been placed on low heat.
• Once the cocoa butter melts and reaches the right consistency, it should be kept aside and allowed to cool for a few minutes.
• Then, the melted cocoa butter needs to be poured into a wet grinder, which starts rotating.
• Gradually, ingredients like the milk powder and sugar, as well as the lecithin need to be added to the grinder.
• The wet grinder should be allowed to continue churning the mixture for at least 6 to 7 hours, or perhaps even more, till the chocolate reaches the desired consistency.
• Once the chocolate is taken out of the wet grinder, it should be placed directly into the mould, after which it is placed in the refrigerator, for at least 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the chocolate can be removed from the refrigerator and can either be eaten the way it is, or can be used in other white chocolate recipes

White chocolate recipes

There are many people who have started using white chocolate, to prepare some of their favorite desserts. Therefore white chocolate dessert recipes have become very popular all over the world. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get access to a wide variety of dessert ideas and recipes which use white chocolate. Some of the most popular white chocolate recipes include:

• White Chocolate Biscotti
• White Chocolate Brownies
• White Chocolate Cake
• White Chocolate Cheesecake
• White Chocolate Cookies
• White Chocolate Crème Brule 
• White Chocolate Fudge
• White Chocolate Sauce

White Chocolate Mousse is one of the favorites of both adults as well as children. Given below is a simple recipe, for preparing White Chocolate Mousse at home:

White Chocolate Mousse Ingredients List:

• White chocolate, chips or crushed:  1 cup
• Heavy whipping cream:    1 cup
• Sugar:       2/3 cup
• Vanilla extracts:     1 teaspoon
• Water:      ¼ cup
• Chocolate curls (Optional)

White Chocolate Mousse Preparation:

• In a large saucepan, heat the water, till it is warm and add the sugar.
• Wait until the sugar has dissolved completely and then add the white chocolate chips to the sauce pan. Keep stirring the chocolate in the pan, till it melts and becomes smooth.
• Once the chocolate has melted, set the saucepan in some cold water, so that the mixture begins to cool. Once the mixture is at room temperature, it should be placed in the refrigerator, till it is completely chilled.
• After a while, whisk the mixture till it is smooth in consistency.
• Combine the cream and vanilla extract and beat them together, till stiff peaks are formed.
• Combine the cold chocolate mixture, along with the cream mixture and blend well.
• Set them in fancy glasses or serving bowls and allow the mousse to cool for a while, before serving it.

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