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HCG Drops for Weightloss

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on February 20, 2016

HCG Drops – Quick and Easy Way to Sustainable Weight Loss

Aiming for the weight loss? Expecting a miracle to happen? Quicker weight loss is usually associated with inorganic weight reduction techniques but HCG drops have opened a new avenue for those looking for faster and safer weight loss. Before you try this amazing weight loss product, know more about HCG and how it works.

What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, the hormone found in pregnant women. This hormone of growth boosts the metabolism of pregnant women naturally and also boosts energy levels.

The same hormone is the secret behind HCG drops.

About HCG Drops

The research on HCG suggested that it mobilizes the stubborn fat accumulated on different parts of the body to provide energy while the calorie intake is low. This accelerates the process of weight loss without affecting the energy levels. 

Nutra Pure HCG Drops are based on the same concept and has trapped the HCG in its natural form to get the faster weight loss without any side-effects.

These oral drops are very easy to administer and can be taken as per the dosage through simple oral intake. The drops come with dosage recommendations and are offered in convenient packaging that would assist you throughout the weight loss program.

The application of HCG for weight loss was discovered back in 1930 by British endocrinologists Dr. Simeons and since then extensive research and development is carried out on this pregnancy hormone to find the best way to administer it to the weight loss aspirants. 

How it works?

HCG drops work on the lines of HCG hormone. The specially designed 500 calorie HCG diet is recommended along with these drops for accelerated results.

Drops would increase the metabolism and also mobilize the stubborn fat. The lower calorie intake, higher calorie burning, and fat mobilization would result into quicker weight loss from the desired areas of the body. Stored fat mobilization would also provide extra energy required at the time of weight loss.

What is HCG diet?

HCG diet is scientifically designed diet and is recommended along with HCG drops for desired results.

The diet is divided into 4 phases. HCG drops are taken during first two phases of this diet. The first phase is loading phase and you can eat whatever you want to add more calories. The second phase is 500 calorie diet that should be followed strictly as per the chart. The third phase is 500 calorie diet without taking HCG drops and fourth phase is the maintenance phase.


Nutra Pure HCG Drops are free of side-effects and produced under strict guidelines to adhere to the quality standards. This USA based manufacturer have got almost 97% customer satisfaction rating in terms of weight loss and overall health benefits. The drops are backed by company’s money back guarantee to offer further assurance to the customers.

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