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5 Tips To Fuel Your Body And Burn That Tire

Submitted by Nick on January 3, 2012

Excess weight around the mid-section is often difficult to shed. Belly fat is a problem even for people who are otherwise thin. To get rid of stubborn belly fat, you need to eat the right kind of foods and engage in effective exercise. Here are 5 tips to lose belly fat and also energize your body:
  1. It is important to stay hydrated because your body requires water to function properly. If the water level is low, the liver stops metabolizing the fat and instead assists the kidney in removing waste products from the body.

    It is advisable to drink a sufficient quantity of cool, clean water so that your body utilizes energy to increase the water temperature to body temperature. This leads to an elevation in metabolic rate and a quicker pace of fat burning. Avoid drinking unhealthy fluids such as alcohol and caffeine.

    Alcohol contains many calories and can also disrupt your blood sugar levels.
  2. Avoid eating foods which supply your body with empty calories. Junk and processed foods do not contain any nutrients, and cause your body to store the excess calories in the form of fat. Aim to eliminate white rice, white flour and refined sugar from your diet.

    These are all foods which trigger an elevation in your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are high, insulin is released which makes your body more likely to accumulate fat. Eat a balanced diet consisting of foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.

    Include foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet.
  3. Get enough exercise. Engaging in exercise regularly causes you to burn more calories on a daily basis. It will also help you build more lean muscle. This added muscle will elevate your rate of metabolism and make you burn off more calories. Crunches can help to strengthen your abdominal muscles, but don’t help to burn belly fat. So instead of overworking your stomach with crunches, focus on strengthening your entire body. Belly fat is often an indication of an inactive lifestyle. You can increase your daily activity levels in simple ways such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking home from work. The increased activity will keep you feeling energized and will also help to burn more calories.
  4. Have someone join you in your fat loss mission. This will lend a sense of competition to the process and will keep you more motivated. Having a partner join you will also reduce your risk of cheating on your diet and will give you moral support. This may help to increase your chances of succeeding.
  5. Get an adequate amount of sleep every night. One of the best ways to improve fitness and enable your body to lose extra weight effectively is to get sufficient sleep. Good quality, restful sleep aids in the repair of the body and also boosts immunity. A strong immune system protects your body from illnesses and allows you to stay fit. High fitness levels enable you to lose excess weight and maintain healthy weight in the long term. Inadequate sleep can make you feel tired and this is likely to give rise to food cravings. An important point that you need to keep in mind is that the quality of sleep is of more importance that the quantity of sleep.
If you carefully adhere to these 5 tips, you can expect positive results. Not only will it help you get rid of that belly fat, it will also fuel your body and keep you more active.
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