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Meal Ideas For Kids

Submitted by Nick on August 11, 2011

To compile a list of kids’ meals and meal ideas whether you are targeting breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks or dinner, you can start by encouraging your child to share his or her favorite foods and food items that they may like to see in their lunch bags. Do not be discouraged if this list includes unhealthy options such as chips and cookies, fried foods and greasy temptations. As a parent, you will have to balance their favorites with your knowledge of healthy foods. However, knowing your child’s likes and dislikes will help you to create meal ideas that can provide both variety and nutrition and will appeal to your child’s tastes.

What should you consider while creating healthy meals for kids or compiling meal ideas?

Start with the essential food groups that you need to cover as part of a nutritious diet. This includes whole grains such as whole-wheat flour and foods such as whole wheat bread or pasta and brown rice. For breakfast, you may opt for healthy options such as oatmeal or cereals with fruits.

While kids may prefer refined grain products such as white bread and pizza and refined flour products, encourage them to include whole-wheat grains in their diet.

Kids Meal Plan

While creating a kids’ meal plan:

  • Make sure it constitute foods from the main food groups: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • With the help of a kids’ meal planner, you can stay on track while providing healthy, nutritious food for your child.

  • Moreover, advice from your doctor, dietitian, and even articles you read in health and nutrition magazines can help you create a healthy meal plan for kids.
  • A well-designed kids’ meal planner becomes even more imperative if you are cooking meals for children with specific diet needs.
  • Your child’s diet may need particular attention if he or she is suffering from ailments such as a common cold or fighting a battle against obesity.
  • Talk to your doctor before creating a kids’ meal plan.

    For kids’ diet plans aimed at improving certain medical conditions, ask your doctor or dietitian for food recommendations.
  • Ensure that you include nutrient dense foods to nourish your child both physically and mentally.

While magazines, journals, and online resources may help parents plan a healthy kids’ meal, nutrition facts about these foods can also help them make informed decisions for an overall diet. For instance, parents who have to plan kids’ meals need to create options for a satisfying breakfast before school, to-take lunch bag, an after-school snack, and a healthy dinner. It is important to provide variety in foods for kids’ meals or they will soon tire of the greens and healthy choices.

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