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Foods to Avoid For Burning Tongue Treatment

April 19, 2011
Do you suffer from a burning kind of sensation in your mouth? Does your tongue burn even without you consuming any kind of hot or spicy food? Well, this indicates that you are suffering from what is known as burning tongue syndrome or burning mouth syndrome. This is an annoying or painful condition that is caused due to unknown factors. This problem can stay on for a long time, or it can sometimes come and go, or remain constant.

Your tongue is generally more painful during the day and the pain may be non-existent during the night. More middle aged and older women, as compared to men, are affected by the problem.

If you are suffering from burning tongue syndrome, it helps if you avoid substances that are irritating such as spicy and hot foods. Certain mouthwashes which have alcohol as a component could aggravate the situation.

Try staying away from certain products that have high levels of acid such as citrus fruits and juices.  You could also try staying away from foods containing allergens that could be one of the reasons the tissues in your mouth are aggravated. Tobacco should be avoided as well. This means you have to stop smoking.  Avoiding tea and coffee can also be beneficial for this problem. 

In addition to avoiding certain foods you could also try brushing your teeth or dentures with water and baking soda.

Consuming leafy green vegetables will also help in the elimination of toxins from the body which in turn will help cool your stomach. A diet rich in iron helps in producing new red blood cells in the body which replace the old and damaged cells. So include foods such as broccoli, spinach, and other iron rich products in your diet.  Lavender oil has antiseptic qualities which will help heal your burning tongue and promote blood circulation.

Simply apply lavender to your tongue while going to bed and leave it overnight. Chewing a sugar free gum or sucking a piece of ice can provide temporary relief from the problem. Drinking plenty of water will aid in saliva production and lessen some of the symptoms.

As burning tongue symptoms can be extremely painful and cause you a great amount of discomfort it is important that you check what your treatment options are. It is imperative that you find treatment options that are simple and have no side effects. The best thing you can do is avoid foods that aggravate the problem and generally go in for a lifestyle change.
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