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Food to Avoid for Acne Treatment

April 15, 2011

Acne usually occurs at puberty but it has been known the affect adults too. It is a skin disease that occurs when the natural oils produced by the skin get clogged in the pores on the face, neck, shoulders, back and face. Several white heads or blackheads appear on the above mentioned areas. Causes of acne are stress, hormone imbalances, poor hygiene and dietary factors. Acne can be inherited too.

One of the best ways of combating acne is being careful of what you eat. The skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for helping other organs in getting rid of waste matter. If you are not eating the right kinds of foods it will show up clearly on your face.

Here are some points to keep in mind while making dietary changes:-

• Monitor and keep a check on the types of fat you use.

Olive oil is best for cooking and for salads.
• Saturated fats and partially hydrogenated fats increase inflammation. Hydrogenated fats are found in chips, cookies, and crackers - almost all snack food.

Refrain from these.
• Dairy food such as cheese and whole milk. Research has shown a connection with milk and acne. Substitute it with other calcium rich foods or soy milk.

• Red meats and fatty meats like pork should be avoided.
• Steer clear of refined food products, nuts, sugar, and white flour products. Too much sugar upsets the PH balance in the stomach.
• Limit or eliminate tea or coffee from your diet. These can dehydrate the skin.
• Keep away from all fatty foods - the body finds it difficult to break down the fat and there is an increase in the amount of oil in the skin.
• Iodized salt, liver, kelp products, crabs, clams and other shellfish are rich in iodine and should be avoided. These foods have been associated with acne break outs.
• Do not eat too much fruit as this will upset the PH balance in the intestines which in turns leads to an imbalance in the body.
• Alcohol also upsets the PH balance and should be avoided.
• Avoid using safflower oil, cotton seed oil, corn oil and soybean oil as they contain omega -6 fats and could cause acne.

The best diet to follow would be one with fresh fruits, vegetables, salads and of course plenty of water. Changing your diet is one way of getting rid of acne.

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