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Protein For Kids

April 12, 2011

Protein For Kids

Protein is the main building block of the body, as it helps in the repair and regeneration of tissues and cells in the body. This is probably why health experts state that there should be at least some source of protein for kids, in every meal that they eat. However, it is a well known fact that most kids are picky eaters. In fact almost every mother worries that her child does not get enough nutrition, because they barely eat a few bites of real food. However, it is important for all parents to known what the daily recommended intake of protein for kids is, as many of them to not even realize that their children are getting the adequate amount through various resources.

Daily recommendation of protein for kids

Some nutritionists claim that about one quarter of a child’s meal should be protein based. However, most parents find it easier to just calculate the number of grams it is per day. It is only natural for a child’s protein requirement to increase as he or she grows older.

Moreover, boys usually require a higher amount of protein, as compared to girls. Given below is the daily recommendation of protein for kids of different ages:

• 2 to 3 years:   13 grams each day
• 4 to 8 years:   19 grams each day
• 9 to 13 years:   34 grams each day
• 14 to 18 years (girls): 46 grams each day
• 14 to 18 years (boys): 52 grams each day

Foods high in protein for kids

Most kids show a preference for snacks that have less nutritional value, which is why many parents find it a challenge to ensure their kids get the adequate intake of protein each day. Fortunately, there are several foods and high protein snacks for kids, which can be very appealing to them.

Given below are a few food ideas that are high in protein for kids:

• Eggs, made in the form of scrambled, eggs, French toast, sunny side up or omelet
• Slices of lean ham, rolled around a pretzel stick
• Tune sandwiches with sweet apple slices
• Grilled cheese and chicken sandwiches
• Chicken fingers or fish fingers with cheesy dip

There are several older kids or rather teenagers who are interested in protein shakes, as they would like to build their muscles. Hence, parents often wonder if whey protein for kids is safe or not. Most baby formulas contain some form of whey protein, which means that it is fairly safe, if taken in moderate amounts.

However, it is important for parents to consult a doctor, before giving their children whey protein shakes.

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