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Calories In Yams

Submitted by Nick on February 24, 2011

There are about 200 varieties of yams which are perennial tubers and belong to the family of Dioscoreae. The yams vary in colors according to the variety and have fleshy interiors with an earthy taste and are not very sweet. The shapes and sizes of yams differ but they are all beneficial to health as there is minimal sodium and saturated fat in them. Yams are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers.

Calories in yams:
Calories in yams are high, as 100 grams of yam have approximately 114 calories.

This is because 95% of the yam consists of carbohydrates which are starch and this is the reason why the calorie content is so high. Yams and sweet potatoes have fructose which is normally present in fruits and this makes them sweet and also raises the caloric content. However, yams have a healthy starch and fructose is a better form of sugar than the ones which are there in candy and other sweets.

Yams are called fruits and not vegetables.

Calories in yams and sweet potatoes:
Calories in yams and sweet potatoes will come as a surprise to many as the number of calories in potatoes is less than those in yams. The yam belongs to the Dioscorea group while the sweet potato belongs to the family of the Convolvulaceae plant. Sweet potatoes are from South America but yams are from Africa.

Both tubers belong to the prehistoric era but sweet potatoes are the older of the two. In spite of so many differences the two are cooked in similar ways.

How many calories in a yam:
For those who are watching their weight there maybe a question about how many calories in a yam.

A yam has around 118 calories in 100 grams which is why it is considered to be a high calorie food unlike the potatoes which has about 100 calories for the same weight. This makes it a much more desirable food for weight watchers.

How many calories in yams:
Do not worry about how many calories in yams as the fiber content in a yam will help you to burn off the calories in no time. The nutrients in yams will make up for the excess in calories and give you a great snack which has no fat content.

Nutrition yams
Nutrition in yams is beneficial to health as it is a rich source for potassium and also magnesium, iron, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Yams if bought carefully after making sure that the skin is not broken and the tuber is not damaged can last for a few days when stored in a cool dry place.

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