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Calories In Lamb

Submitted by Nick on February 24, 2011

Introduction: The meat of sheep which are less than a year is known as lamb. Lamb meat is available in five cuts which are the leg, loin, breast or shank, rack and shoulder. The meat is also ground and sold and can be used to make many other recipes like meat loaf or burgers. Though red meat is high in saturated fats and can raise the cholesterol levels it is also rich in proteins. Red meats are known to be the root cause of several heart ailments, cancer and kidney disease.

Gout which is caused by high levels of uric acid is another health problem associated with red meats. Animal proteins are better if had in the form of sea food and poultry instead of from lamb, beef and pork.

Calories in lamb:
Calories in lamb are 244 in 4 ounces of the meat. The fat content is 11 g while the cholesterol is 107 mg which makes it a food which is high in this area.

Proteins which are essential for the body are 33.9 g while calcium is 21.5 and potassium is 424.9 mg. As the saturated fat content in lamb is rather high it should not be consumed too often as there is the risk of heart disease with this. Lamb meat should be included only on special occasions and when one feels like a feast but not on a regular daily basis.

Lamb meat is high in nutrients like manganese, phosphorous, Pantothenic acid and vitamins B6 and A and low in sodium.

Calories in lamb chops:
As the calories in lamb chops are high you would have to put in some vigorous exercise to burn them off. Instead of adding on more calories to it, your way of cooking it should be with the least amount of oil and other rich foods.

Also include other negative calorie foods and salads so that the meal becomes healthier. Grilled and baked lamp chops are better than frying them in oil. The seasoning should also be with lesser number of calories in it.

Calories in lamb meat:
Calories in lamb meat being high one will have to plan the menu carefully to avoid other high calorie foods with it. Serving lamb meat in a stew or with other vegetables which are in season or as kebabs which are grilled and have less of fat content would keep the fat and calorie levels low.

How many calories in a lamb chop?
If you are wondering how many calories in lamb chop then the amount is high with a high fat rate too. Lamp chops will contain between 160 to 200 calories in a piece of around 100 grams. The calories vary if the meat is pan fried or grilled, with the grilled one being less.

While buying the meat ensure that it is pink in color and has white fat in it and not yellow. This shows that the meat is fresh. However, put it into the fridge as soon as you get home to avoid its getting bad especially if you are not going to use it immediately.

Nutrition facts lamb
Nutrition facts of lamb meat show that though it is high in saturated fats which increases the calories in it and makes it risky for those with an existing heart disease to eat it has a lot of other nutrients like: phosphorous, zinc, niacin, vitamin Bs, selenium, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, sodium, fiber, sugar and carbohydrates

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